Showcasing What’s New at ‘Upper, Upper Voltaire’

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There’s at least a couple of new businesses at what can be called, “Upper-upper Voltaire” – the string of storefronts near Point Loma High School along Voltaire. And they deserve to be highlighted, so meet Tea’s Moment” and Kakawa Coffee. We also have a pictorial update on the large construction project on Voltaire. (Yes, the term “upper-upper Voltaire” is definitely OB-centric.)

Tea’s Moment Specializes in Milk Tea

Angela – who runs Tea’s Moment – is holding a grand opening right now. She opened her place 2 weeks ago and it specializes in “milk tea”. Growing up near Beijing, she learned how to make in while living in Taiwan.

Kakawa Coffee

Just west of the tea place is a coffee place, Kakawa Coffee (“kakawa” means chocolate in Olmec and Mayan). Managing the year-old coffee house just a breeze from the high school are Gladys Moubayed and Maria Aparicio. The moment I walked in they were enjoying the last moments of the women’s soccer game between the US and England – and we all celebrated, me over an almond croissant and a cappuccino.

Gladys and Maria offer espresso and brews of course – they have kombucha on tap, and a nitro and cold brew as well, and over half dozen crafted coffees, including Mayan Mocha.

Gladys and Maria

They’ve got sandwiches, pastries and other snacks, such as hummus and acai with fruit parfait.

Progress at “Nimitz Crossing”

This is the large project along upper, upper Voltaire, a mixed-use project to include 24 residences. Advertised on the sign as “Coming 2018!”, it obviously didn’t make that deadline.

A construction worker on site told me he thought it would open in the Spring of 2020.

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