San Ysidro: Nearly 2,000 Rally and March in Protest Against Trump’s Detention Camps

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Between 1,500 and 2,000 demonstrators rallied at Larsen Field in San Ysidro on Friday, July 12, against Trump border policies which have resulted in migrants and children being kept in camps and centers under inhumane conditions.

About 7pm the demonstrators formed up and marched out of the park and along Camino de la Plaza down to the bridge over I-5 at the entrance to Mexico.

The protesters were a very mixed crowd. This reporter saw a handful of people from Ocean Beach.

The protest was organized by Lights for Liberty and the Coalition to Close the Concentration Camps and was supported and endorsed by a wide arrange of community organizations.

The crowd forms before the rally began.

Victims of the border memorialized.

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sierra July 13, 2019 at 4:40 pm

Frank Aloha- Glad to see this and that we are still on the move to educate and activate. Twenty years ago when I was living in Guatemala you questioned why I was there. I think I vaguely explained a friend’s non profit I was working with on Lago Atitlan. I have had a 20 year relationship to this place and people from Santa Cruz de la laguna. There are three families that have been woven into my life there. Yesterday, me being here in California and knowing one of the families’ daughter and her children and husband, who live in the Bay Area undocumented, were vulnerable to ICE raids. I thought ‘thank you Spirit’ for letting me be here to help her. I am scared for them. I was fortunate she listened to my advice and accepted the resources I was able to offer. Rapid Response was very helpful to me. La familia didn’t come, they were afraid to be on the road and travel . They stayed in their own place, inside. Knowing not to answer the door. This is fascism straight up, people are living in fear. Fearing for what is next. Know mass civil disobedience is necessary. Direct Action. Watch Mauna Kea right now. So you see I couldn’t tell you why I had to form relationships in Guatemala in 1999 but now I can be an ally to someone who I love from another country during one of the worst examples of racist propaganda quickly becoming policy. Keep speaking writing showing up…


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