‘America Was Never Yours to Speak For’

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in American Empire

By Michelle Gormlie Seguin

America was born like a child

You ever heard of Mai Lai?

You ever heard of John Brown?

It’s never been what you think,

it never wanted a crown.

The birth pains are still rippling in the

twilight last gleamings.

She doesn’t need your prayers

When her babies are giving their

I can’t breathings

America was never yours to speak for

If you don’t know the children,

That are here to

Dream more.

Child know child,

knows the river,

knows the field.

Knows that cage.

Knows the 3 meals.

Get her name out of your mouth.

It’s because she’s a

woman and you think

you can fuck her.

America is ours and

she’s a fucking mother.

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