OB’s Very First Street Fair – 1983

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Here’s a photo of OB’s very first Street Fair in 1983. Did anyone wear shirts way back then?

Provided by Mike James and Nicole Ueno.

Oh, and don’t forget the upcoming Street Fair on June 22th.

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sealintheSelkirks June 15, 2019 at 12:51 pm

Dang, I can’t see myself anywhere in the photo! I would have either been riding a 44″ Sims longboard or carrying it, probably carrying through the crowd as it was pretty tight that day. Looked for my head with a ocean-bleached brown/blond ponytail hanging down my back (now turned white) from under a hat. Can’t see myself but it was kinda blurry when I copied/pasted and zoomed in. Awwww.

That was a fun time. Hope the music is better though I remember just everyone was smiling and happy and having fun that day…even if the music was rather lame at times! Ha! One of those good memory days most definitely.

And no, Frank, we didn’t wear shirts back then. Remember? Nothing to hide! People were not fat like they are now to be blunt about it. Blubber, even tanned blubber, is rather unsightly hanging off the human body.

Have fun at this year’s Fair, OB folks. Hope the swell picks up so there’s surf. Sure been looking windswell flat lately…



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