More Bluff Damage at End of Narragansett in Ocean Beach

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in Ocean Beach

More bluff has collapsed at foot of Narragansett. Screen grab from 7SanDiego.

Residents of the 3-story Pelican Point Apartments in Ocean Beach are on edge as they experienced more bluff collapse during the recent King Tides.

As the San Diego Reader reported on Monday the building at 5107 Narragansett suffered a bluff collapse in January 2017, yet there have been no repairs to the bluff. The apartment complex was sold in May, 2018 to landlord king, Michael Mills for $6.75M.

The Reader:

…as King Tides hit and angry surf took out portions of the OB Pier, it came as no surprise that nature took another swing at Pelican Points un-repaired cliff, sending the lower half of the property onto the cliffs below, and that of the neighboring property.

The Ocean Front property withheld the last storm, but this time nature won and the lower portion of this bluff was torn off along with Pelican Points. Four large telephone poles, including some that washed up on the beach, are strewn along the bottom of the property. Large slabs of concrete litter the cliffs.

7SanDiego did a follow-up:

The power of the recent king tides is raising red flags for people living in a building incredibly close to the edge of the cliffs near Oriental Point south of Ocean Beach. …

Two years ago, a large part of the bluff broke away and [a resident] says nothing has been done to reinforce the crumbling soil. Several pipes are sticking out if the face of the cliff, and they’ve been exposed for some time. …

The Pelican Point property manager said the building’s owner is working on a plan with other nearby owners to reinforce the bluff. However, the city of San Diego doesn’t know about that plan. A city spokesperson says it’s up to the property owner to report any concerns to the city and the spokesperson says that hasn’t happened yet.


A Side Comment About Media

A comment: the NBC article did not mention the SD Reader article or give credit to the writer, Delinda Lombardo, and even though Lombardo disses the OB Rag every chance she gets, she at least should have been given some accreditation by the mainstream TV station. This happens often, where off-mainstream media, like the Reader and the OB Rag, supply the major networks or papers with news which they then utilize, they usually publish the information without acknowledging its origins. This also applies to the Peninsula Beacon – which to date has never given the Rag any credit for news it uses. In comparison, the OB Rag always credits other media, like the Beacon and those networks.

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Rick January 24, 2019 at 3:58 pm

So sad to see that hillside collapse, oh and when was Michael Mills coronation to king?


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