Ed Ayub – Long Time Physical Therapist in Point Loma – Retires

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in Ocean Beach

Ed Ayub Physical Therapy
3145 Rosecrans St.
San Diego, CA 92110

I didn’t meet Eddy and his crew by going to his physical therapy office.  Rather, I met Eddy and his wife Mary through their dogs – Boomer and  Bella.  They live around the corner from me and every day when I walked my Golden Retriever Buddy, his dogs would  come to the fence to greet us.  It finally came to the point when Buddy automatically turned into their gate and patiently waited for them to come out and greet him.

Eventually, Eddy and Mary came out to say a few words, and before you knew it Eddy had a treat – or two – for Buddy.  Although Buddy couldn’t pay them back, I would bring a new jar of jam I had just made  as a “neighborly” gesture.  One day when Mary and I were talking she noticed that I was wearing a splint on my arm and asked questions about it.  The next day she told me that Eddy wanted to talk to me about the swelling.

To make a long story a little shorter, he had an idea that he thought might have helped reduce the lymphedema that I developed after my breast cancer surgery.    My HMO clinic did not have the compression sleeve that Eddy had, and they arranged an “out of area” therapy for 20 weeks so we could try Eddy’s idea.

For twenty weeks I began one of the most enjoyable, and sometimes painful experience I have ever had. But in addition to the early morning rising there was a great deal of  fun and laughter.  It was like going to the comedy store because of the interactions between the staff and patients.  Yet, at the same time, the staff was professional and efficient, truly concerned about their patients and performed miraculous feats.

Eddy and Bella. Photos by Judi Curry.

Patients would come into the office barely able to walk, or could not  move their arms above their heart line and they would always leave the office more relaxed, laughing and looking forward to coming back for more stretching, pulling, weight lifting, etc. And all the while the staff –and patients too – kept the atmosphere charged with laughter that sometimes bordered on hysteria.

So why an article about Eddy Ayub?

Several reasons – first, he lives in our area; second, he has not always been a physical therapist. In 1987, Ed was chosen to be the head trainer for the United States Eagles Rugby Team.  He accompanied them to two World Cups and traveled to over 20 countries. Within that same year Ed also became the head trainer of the Old Mission Beach Athletic Club formerly known as OMBAC. Ed has put a tremendous amount of work into his career of keeping people healthy.  He has much support by his incredible staff that works alongside him every day to help him carry out his mission of providing the best physical therapy.

Ed’s office staff was delightful. Fully knowledgeable about what was going on in the therapy room as well as at the front desk, I was always met with a smile, and always left with another one.  The staff was like a “family” – Mary, his wife worked there; Nicole, their daughter was also an “employee” of the company.  And frequently their two doggies – Bella and Boomer – were in attendance.

And now, after so many years helping others, Ed is retiring to enjoy traveling with his wife; of taking her to Paris where he has promised they would go for many years; of puttering around in his yard; playing with Bella and Boomer; and enjoying his leisure time.  There are so many things he would like to do and has not been able to because of a rigid schedule.

Although he will no longer be working, the clinic will be not be empty. Bryan Hill, owner of “Rehab United”, and a former employee of Ed’s, will be offering many of the same services that Ed and his staff offered, plus a few additional ones.  It is interesting to note that Ed was Bryan’s mentor; he encouraged him to start his own business and now, 20 years later, the circle is complete as Bryan takes over the clinic.

Bryan knows first hand the importance of physical therapy after being severely injured in an indoor soccer match some years ago. His brother, Sean, helped him through the first week of physical therapy, and it was at that time that they realized their “calling” -helping others with their rehabilitation from a variety of physical problems.  Their main goal has always been to return their patients to their “original state” – a difficult task at best but one that shows great success. Most of all, Rehab United is a family of professionals and clients who together change lives every day for the better, to create a more educated, healthy, mutually respectful and supportive San Diego community.

Clients of Ed Ayub will be pleased to see that their care will be handled as well with “Rehab United” as it was with he and his staff. The transition will be a smooth one, as You, the patient, is the most important aspect of this change.

I know that all of Ed’s patients will miss him; his jokes, corny as they were, kept us laughing and for a few moments took our focus off the pain we all had.  His genuine concern about this patients was second to none.  We all hope that he enjoys retirement; that he gets to do those things that he has always talked about doing.  We will miss him, but know that if we are walking, or driving down Sunset Cliffs, we will always see him in his garden, talking to other passer-by’s.  And how nice to be able to write about the man that is  still vibrant and alive.  Enjoy Ed!


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What a lovely tribute!


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Physical Therapist in Point Loma – Retires


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