10th Grade Students Giving Tours of Ocean Beach – Sunday, Dec.9

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in Ocean Beach

Six tenth grade students from High Tech High are giving tours of Ocean Beach.

We are hoping to answer the question, “What makes OB unique?” and our answers will talk about the culture and environment in OB.

We start at Dog Beach, then will passing by popular sites like The Black, Hodad’s, and Nico’s Mexican Food, and the pier.

On this tour of Ocean Beach we will also be exploring the science and history of OB.

For the science section of the tour we will be explaining the many wonders that go on in and around Ocean Beach, such as how sand is made, how waves are formed, all the creatures in a tidepool, how the San Diego river affects dog beach and so much more!

We will also have many interactive activities for you and your family to enrich and further your learning into the science side of Ocean Beach. We will test for pH Levels, lead acidity, chlorine, and alkalinity and explain what the results mean.

While going to visit Ocean Beach, we talked to many locals. They all described Ocean Beach as a chill and friendly environment. They really enjoy the tourist aspect of OB because of how many people they come across from all different parts of the world. Hoping that you can join us and make this tour a success!

Dog Beach

December 5th, Wednesday / 2 pm – 3 pm

December 9th, Sunday / 2 pm – 3 pm


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