Students With Autism at Ocean Beach School Assaulted by Teens

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in Ocean Beach

By Brett Warnke

Students at Pioneer Day School are being assaulted by local teens. The school – across Santa Monica Avenue from OB Elementary – has many students with severe autism and other special needs.  And now the school – also known as the Community School of San Diego – is asking the community for help in identifying the teens.

One autistic student was assaulted on Thursday, Nov. 29, by teens throwing limes as hard as rocks at him while he was on the trampoline.

School staff have witnessed the teenagers – assumed to be local – come to the school with the tree house in front, assault students and trespass on the property and damage property after school hours.

A.J. Genovese, the chief operations officer stated in an email:

“We’ve caught them and asked them to stop 5 times now. They have been doing drugs on our campus, leaving the remnants for our elementary students to find (which is very dangerous for our kids as some will put things in the mouths) and have caused about $450 of damage to our property.

They’ve also thrown a cone a a dog we had on campus because it barked at them as they were climbing the fence. It’s all recorded and the police initially said they couldn’t do anything.”

Regarding the student assaulted with the limes while on the trampoline Thursday, Genovese said:

“He does not have the ability to comprehend why he’s being attacked but the teens thought it was hilarious.”

Photos were taken of the teens and now the school is asking the OB community for assistance in identifying them. (The OB Rag cannot publish pictures of minors without their permission.)

Since the issue has escalated, police said the school could get a restraining order against the local teens if their identities can be determined.

Please let the school know if you have any information about the teens so they can start the process of getting them to stop trespassing into their campus and never attack our students with special needs again.  The school can be reached by Phone: 619-758-9424 option 1 for the Office Manager.  By Fax: 619-758-9589. Or by email at

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Mantis November 30, 2018 at 4:17 pm

At approximately what time are these miscreants showing up? I’d be glad to help with some community policing.


Tyler December 3, 2018 at 9:03 am

If you search, there’s a thread on the San Diego subreddit with their photos.


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