Restaurant Review: The Mission – Mission Beach

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in Ocean Beach

The Mission – Mission Beach
3795 Mission Blvd.
Mission Beach, CA 92109

Every now and then, when the “old timers” of Ocean Beach get together , we discuss what stores and restaurants were here when we first moved into the area.

There were so many stores that we missed today – Para’s Book Store, Lownes Department Store, Elms Mens Clothes, Coronet, Smith’s Jewelers, Strand Theater, etc.

And later on, perhaps in the late 80’s, a restaurant was started upstairs from where an ice cream store used to be downstairs; when you could buy a bikini on the way to having a meal; where you could get your name on a board showing how many different beers you had tried at the restaurant.

Unfortunately I cannot remember what the name of that restaurant was, but it was one of the “Mission” restaurants that still exists in Mission Beach today.  The menu was virtually the same, but there were a few additions at each of the restaurants.  We went there frequently, just my husband and me, or with the three girls. It was a favorite and we were sorry to see it leave the area.

A few days ago, which conducting some business in Pacific Beach, and being with Hugh, a newcomer to San Diego, I thought it might be fun to have a meal at “The Mission” in nearby Mission Beach.  Parking was a challenge, but Hugh managed to find a place about two blocks away and since it was a nice day we didn’t mind the walk.

The restaurant had many diners in it, but it wasn’t too busy and our waitress introduced herself as “Matalie.”  That is not a typo – her mother liked the name “Natalie” but didn’t want her daughter called “Natty” so she changed the “N” to a “M” and put a label on her daughter that she would have forever.

The menu has not changed much since it was in OB, and since I ate there last.  It was moderately priced; vegetarian and gluten-free friendly.

There is a section on pancakes; French toast; soy chorizo; a large Mexican selection; many of their items cooked with Rosemary, etc. There were small plate sections; a large fruit plate. The lunch menu had the typical sandwiches, many of the same items that are on the breakfast menu, and an array of different Mexican foods.

Hugh ordered the “Zen Breakfast” – scrambled egg whites, braised tofu, brown rice, grilled zucchini and squash, mushrooms and served with a tomato and onion garnish.  All of that was only $12.95. He said it was delicious and ate every bite of it.

I ordered, upon the recommendation of Matalie, the Papas Con Chorizo. That was rosemary potatoes, grilled jalapenos, black beans, cheese, avocado slices, and soy chorizo topped with chipotle cream. She suggested that I order scrambled eggs with it also, and I did, but ended up not eating them because there was so much food on the plate. It was served with hot flour tortillas.  With all that food the cost was $14.95.

There was absolutely no way that I could have eaten all that food. I ended up taking a lot of it home and scrambling it with fresh eggs for another meal for my students.  It was just as good the second day as it was the first.

Both Hugh and I had lemonade to drink and our total bill was around $40, not including the tip.  We both enjoyed our meals, and would go back again.  It is very crowded on the weekends; if you can try it on a weekday you will be seated and served faster.  Enjoy.

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Chris November 16, 2018 at 9:51 pm

I used to go the one in North Park all the time. Haven’t been there in awhile but live pretty close so maybe I need to go back.


Hugh Cole November 17, 2018 at 12:35 pm

When in good company food always taste better! As it was on the visit to ‘The Mission’ with Judi. Most friendly atmosphere and at a level that normal conversation could be had. Wait staff all very helpful with suggestions and timely service. Thank you Judi for inviting me to ‘The Mission’ with you!
Warm regards, Hugh


AKwhitty November 22, 2018 at 10:21 pm

The best place in MB was Mr. Ds
Self service yummy food after a surf session. Anyone remember the 80s.
There was Also VC pizza also known as Rosario’s .


dian December 12, 2018 at 3:02 pm

I was just talking about Mr. D’s. Does anyone know what happened to the owner and her son?I have a great pic of the two in front of the kitchen window inside Mr. D’s


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