Zapf Flier Falsely Accuses Campbell of Supporting Airport Expansion

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in Ocean Beach

A recent flier put out by pro-Zapf forces falsely accuses her opponent in the District 2 race, Jen Campbell, of supporting the airport’s expansion. On a flier, picked up by Voice of San Diego‘s Scott Lewis (who lives in OB) while walking his dog, Campbell is quoted as saying, “Yes, I do agree with the expansion …” but then it stops and adds another quote about the future of the airport.

Campbell’s campaign has called “foul!”

Campbell’s original quote, according to her staff, was:

“Yes, I do agree with the expansion and I believe we must upgrade and update our airport. Anyone who has been in Terminal 1 lately would agree with that. Hopefully in the future we can grow enough to have an even bigger airport, a more modern and up-to-date place with more landing and gates than we are able to have in that particular location”

Campbell herself has stated:

““Terminal 1 must be expanded to bring the trolley to the airport and mitigate the traffic that clogs up Point Loma on a daily basis.The flyers you have received from my opponent are falsely edited to make it appear that I favored bringing more flights into SAN when I was referring to moving the airport entirely.”

Not to mention the totally misleading “headline” in the flier – “Important Airport Noise Notification”?? It’s a freaking campaign flier!!

The Voice has been tracking the opposition that has arisen since the Airport Authority unveiled their costly plans for a Terminal One upgrade:

[O]fficials from the city of San Diego, the Port of San Diego, San Diego County, the Metropolitan Transit System, the San Diego Association of Governments, the California Coastal Commission, the California State Lands Commission and the state Department of Transportation submitted stern – at times exasperated – letters opposing the airport’s approach.

The opposition could derail the project, and has revealed massive disagreement over the best way to improve the airport’s connection to transit and deal with its continued growth. The agencies aren’t opposed to the project itself, which would expand the terminal from 19 to 30 gates, build a large parking garage and add the dual-level pick-up and drop-off system seen at Terminal 2. The agencies agree increasing the number of people who can fly into and out of San Diego from a modernized and welcoming facility is a great idea.

It’s how the airport has dealt with the project that has drawn the hackles of the airport’s would-be partners.

Meanwhile, Campbell staff say Lorie Zapf should talk. She has her own ties to the airport. Why, April Boling – who is Zapf’s campaign treasurer – is the Chair of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority – the same authority that is moving ahead with the expansion plans.

And a letter written by Zapf back in February to SANDAG expressing her support for the Airport Authority’s efforts to find funding for its expansion has surfaced.

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Babs October 19, 2018 at 3:38 pm

Lori Zaph is running scared & resulting to playing dirty politics !
I for one will not miss her & Voting for Dr. Jen !


Vern November 4, 2018 at 9:10 am

Both Zapf and Campbell are for the expansion of terminal one and the additional 700 flights per week. Well, of course, depending on which way the wind blows.
Zapf only comes out of the woodwork every so often. She’s been silent on the “problem airport” since 2015 when the flight paths started changing significantly and after the SDIA “Green Build”.
Now put in a new crosswalk complete with flickering lights and you’ll see her in every photo-op imaginable.


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