Great White Seen Off Point Loma Unlikely to Be Same One that Attacked Teenager in Encinitas

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in Ocean Beach

Circled area has image of Great White shark. Screen grab from 8News.

A Great White shark seen on a video off the coast of Point Loma is unlikely the same one who attacked the teen at Beacon’s Beach in northern Encinitas back in September, says a shark expert.

Caren Charleston of Escondido captured on her video a dimly-lit shot of a Great White while she and her husband were fishing on their boat about ten miles from the Point Loma shore. The shark began circling the boat and Caren grabbed her GoPro. She stuck in the water and videotaped a Great White about 10-feet long.  She told 8News:

“I have been fishing for over 15 years and I have yet to come across a Great White shark.”

This particular shark is unlikely the same one who attacked the kid in Encinitas, says Dr. Christopher Lowe, a shark expert who has studied the 13-year-old teen – Keane Webre Hayes’ case. He said sharks don’t normally stay in the same area following an attack.

Yet, the chances, he said, of seeing one these days is better than at other times of the year. He said:

“Because of the this time of year, adults come back from their open ocean migration and are going to feeding irrigation sites like the Farlone, the Channel Islands, Guadalupe Islands and Juveniles up north, near Monterrey. This season now that the water temperature is cooling down, they may be migrating south towards Baja.”

Based on tests of the DNA found on his wetsuit, it has been determined a Great White did attack Keane. 8News

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