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New Pet Store Opening on Bacon Street

The brand new Bancroft Pet Shop is opening at 1874 Bacon Street.

Review of Long Branch Torrey Pine by Advisory Board Postponed

According to Anne S. Fege, the Chair of the city’s Community Forest Advisory Board, the Torrey Pine at 4633 Long Branch will not be discussed at the September 12 meeting as the board has not obtained the certified arborist’s report yet. It will most likely be placed on the October 10 meeting. This postponement is not a bad thing, as the tree’s protectors know there is no emergency.

Protest at Famosa Property on Sept 29

Peninsulans opposed to San Diego Housing Commission’s plan to turn a five-acre lot at Famosa and Nimitz boulevards into affordable housing are holding a community protest and a petition-signature collection drive Saturday, Sept. 29 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the lot site. There will be refreshments, guest speakers, media and entertainment. Residents can pull up to a “drive-by lane” and sign the petition without leaving their vehicles. Owned by the SDHC, the open-space site, once a makeshift bicycle track, is proposed to be developed into a 78-unit affordable housing project. In the preliminary phase, tests are ongoing to ensure the site’s viability for development.

Study Finds Pollutants After Storms Stay in Ocean Water Longer Than Initially Thought
Scientists also discovered contaminants can be carried in the ocean for over five miles

Scientists are finding pollutants after storms can stay trapped near shore longer than previously thought. 

It is recommended to wait 72 hours after a storm before surfing or swimming in the ocean. However, researchers with Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla found that waves can carry contaminants as far away as five miles. The results of their study may lead to new advisories on re-entering the surf after it rains. “The plume will stay along the coastline instead of going offshore,” said Sarah Giddings, a professor at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. “Waves have the tendency to move things on shore and mix them vertically.” Pollutants in ocean water can come from storm drains and river overflow. The health effects on humans can range from infections to sickness and even death.

“This can happen at beaches near the Tijuana River, the San Diego River, the outflow from Mission Bay,” said Giddings. “Freshwater drains to those and exists the ocean.”  The study also said that these contaminants are carried for longer distances than once thought. The potency of the contaminants was still enough to cause harm to human health up to five miles away from the point of entry into ocean water.  The study was motivated by health concerns at Imperial Beach caused by plumes from the Tijuana River. 7SanDiego

An Ocean Beach family Missing Two Tires off Jetta.

Ricky Cooper says her mother woke up Thursday morning, to find the two tires on the passenger side of her car were missing. The 2003 Jetta was parked on Voltaire Street near Cable Street. The Cooper’s reported it to the police. Cooper says police told them tire thieves usually go for the pricier wheels, like big truck tires but taking tires from an older model Jetta was a little out of the norm. “I think someone who had a Jetta, or sells or collects parts,” Copper said. “He probably knew someone that needed tires, and they were driving down the street and saw a Jetta.” Cooper says her mother’s insurance is covering the theft, but she had to pay several hundred dollars out of pocket.  10News

OB Playhouse Theatre’s Avenue Q

Until Sept. 30th, the winner of the  2004 Tony Award for best musical, Avenue Q will be playing at the OB Playhouse on Newport Avenue. It’s the story of Princeton, a bright-eyed college grad who comes to New York City with big dreams and a small bank account. He soon discovers that the only neighborhood in his price range is Avenue Q, where the residents are raunchy, sweet, real, thoughtful, and outrageously entertaining. Avenue Q has been labeled as a Sesame Street like show…..for adults. While there are endearing puppets, THIS SHOW IS NOT FOR CHILDREN, but for mature audiences due to adult themes and strong language. This urban fairytale features a Tony®  Award-winning score with songs such as “If You Were Gay”, “The Internet is for Porn”, “There’s a Fine, Fine Line”, and “My Girlfriend, Who Lives in Canada”. The show comes to life with actors masterfully manipulating rod controlled live hand puppets. Go here for more info.

Lifeguards Rescue Crashed Paraglider off Blacks

San Diego lifeguard on Friday afternoon rescued a paraglider who crashed into the ocean and became entangled in his glider lines about 300 feet from shore at Black’s Beach, authorities said. The lifeguard heard the paraglider’s screams for help around 1:30 p.m., San Diego Fire-Rescue Department spokeswoman Mónica Muñoz said. The man was located “struggling in the water with his harness still attached and entangled in the glider line,” according to Muñoz. “The lifeguard provided flotation with a rescue board, untangled the glider and paddled him to shore,” Muñoz said. Once on the beach, the paraglider was evaluated by medics but declined to go to the hospital, Muñoz said. SDU-T

Sunset Cliffs Street Fair a Success

The street fair on Saturday, Sept. 1, on the 4700 block of Point Loma Avenue was reportedly a success. The first time event organized by Richard Aguirre and Megan Hubbard Carter, was a “mind blower” according to local Judi Curry. She wrote:

People – and dogs – all over; happy smiles on faces; no alcohol – so it was very mild. People stopped and talked to strangers; people manning the booths – and there were 100-plus – knowledgeable and having a good time. … people that I spoke to that were “on the fence” were pleased with the outcome. One merchant told me that she gave out more cards than she has given out since she has been in business. Others had drawings, raffles, and free samples.

The music was good; something for everyone, just not at the same time. Security was visible, but I did not detect any rowdiness anywhere on the block. A good time was had by all. One of the vendors told me that he is looking forward to next year’s street fair. If you didn’t go to this one, don’t miss the next one.

Marshmallow “Gun” Too Late for Ocean Beach

A reader sent in a video showing the inventors of a new marshmallow gun but it’s all too late for Ocean Beach as the village “outlawed” the infamous July 4 “marshmallow war” in 2014. (

OB Surf Therapy for Women

There is a surf therapy program in San Diego that is like no other. It’s called Self and Sea Love.  This 8 week therapeutic surf program is helping to heal and empower women who are trying to overcome some of the most tramatic events of the lives of these participants. Natalie Small is a therapist who left her private practice to establish a non-profit called the Groundswell Community Project two years ago. Through her organization, Small has been able to help approximately 100 women who are overcoming addiction, sex trafficking, depression, eating disorders and displacement by teaching them to surf and conquer the power of mother nature — the ocean. Together, these women form a community that provides safe spaces for individuals overcoming mental health struggles to expand themselves and bring meaning into their lives through bold and beautiful community work, ocean engagement, and therapeutic ocean healing. On September 9th, they hosted their 2nd Annual Whomp-etition at Dog Beach.  KUSI For more information on the surf therapy program, events and organization go to:

Coastkeeper’s O’Malley Talks Mission Bay Pollution, San Diego River Mouth, and Pt Loma Water Treatment Plant

Matt O’Malley is San Diego Coastkeeper’s executive director and managing attorney in addition to serving as legal committee chair and board member of the California Coastkeeper Alliance. The maverick leads a team of scientists, activists, educators and lawyers to work with community members and politicians “to protect and restore fishable, swimmable and drinkable water in San Diego County.” Through community outreach and education, O’Malley’s water defense team advocates clean water and healthy ecosystems in addition to “fixing pollution hazards.” “We advocate holistic solutions,” said O’Malley. “Our work protects the natural spaces where people live, work and play, and the water resources that fuel our economy.” …

O’Malley stated that the “fairly polluted” Mission Bay receives consistent, non-swimmable advisory notifications from the County Health Department, even without rain-infused bacteria. “We don’t have a choice not to improve Mission Bay,” he continued. “Mission Bay is a community asset that defines recreation in San Diego.” According to O’Malley, the San Diego estuary – the mouth of the San Diego River that meets the ocean – stands truly vulnerable to the dangers of pollution. Located “farthest” downstream, polluted mountain runoff runs through every community in San Diego….

“For years the Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant discharged treated waste water at less than appropriate standards. Now, 100 million gallons of water a day will be offloaded from the plant to make recycled water. This will supply up to one-third of the city’s drinking water and will reduce environmentally costly imports from the San Joaquin River Delta and Colorado River.”

Coastal Cleanup Day on Sept. 15

I Love A Clean San Diego is looking for 8,000 volunteers to participate at more than 100 sites across San Diego County on Saturday, Sept. 15, from 9 a.m. to noon, as part of the 34th annual Coastal Cleanup Day. I Love A Clean San Diego has coordinated this event locally for 33 years and successfully mobilizes thousands of volunteers, while also supporting cleanup efforts in Tijuana. Volunteers of all ages and ability levels are encouraged to sign up for a site in their neighborhood and help leave a lasting impact on the entire region. For more information about sites and volunteer registration, visit

Last year, Coastal Cleanup Day volunteers removed 137,299 pounds of trash and recyclables from San Diego and Tijuana regions that otherwise would have polluted the beloved coastline and the Pacific Ocean. Each volunteer who brings a reusable water bottle, work gloves, and/or a bucket to collect litter significantly reduces the need for single-use bags and disposable gloves.

OMSurf 25th annual Classic Longboard Surfing Contest set for Sept. 15

Old Mission Beach Athletic Club will hold the OMSurf 25th annual Classic Longboard Surfing Contest on Sept. 15 on the north side of Crystal Pier. OMBAC is calling all surf enthusiasts to grab their vintage surfboards and gather for a nostalgic competition in Pacific Beach. Check-in for the contest will begin at 7:30 a.m. with the first heat paddle out at 8:15 a.m.

All contestants must surf on 1969 or older longboards, 9-feet or longer, with no leash. There are separate divisions for Open, Wahine and Menehune (youth 16 years old and under). Proceeds from the event go to benefit Drowning Prevention Foundation of San Diego AKA San Diego Junior Lifeguards. Those who are interested in competing or watching may find more information at

Modern Times of Point Loma on Pace for 68,000 Barrels in 2018

Modern Times COO Chris Sarette shared that the San Diego beer company is on pace to produce 68,000 barrels by the end of the year. That’s an increase of 18,000 barrels from 2017. The increase in production has been bolstered by direct-to-consumer sales at the company’s taprooms and through its bottle club, which Sarette called “a huge part” of Modern Times’ business. Despite Modern Times’ rise from 2,160 barrels in 2014 to a projected 75,000 barrels in 2019, Sarette said the company expects volume growth to eventually slow. The company is brewing “24/7” at its Point Loma production facility and “24/5” at its Portland, Oregon, facility, he added.

“We have a little bit of growth potential up north,” he said. “But next year, I think you’ll see 75,000 barrels of beer here on this graph, which is what we’re realistically able to make until make that next huge investment in something like a 60-barrel brewhouse upgrade in Point Loma.” However, Sarette said the “dream” is not to be a million-barrel brewery selling beer in 50 states. Modern Times ships beer to five states — California, Washington, Arizona, Oregon and Nevada as well as limited distribution in Boise, Idaho, and Maui, Hawaii. Brewbound

Bradley Mountain Started in OB

“Started in an Ocean Beach, Calif. garage in 2012, Bradley Mountain is a company comprised of a small group of craftsmen who make various high-quality leather and canvas bags and accessories by hand in San Diego.” The company just held the grand opening of the first flagship store earlier this summer. The new shop is inside the same warehouse where all Bradley Mountain products are made, which is located in the East Village at 710 17th St. SD Downtown News

Wounded Warriors’ Ride Ends in OB

Thirty-six warriors coping with service-connected injuries will join Wounded Warrior Project on a monumental cross-country journey to raise awareness for veteran issues, tomorrow. Soldier Ride Across America – beginning at One World Trade in New York City and ending at Ocean Beach, California – commemorates the 15-year anniversary of Chris Carney’s historic coast-to-coast cycling venture in support of wounded warrior, which spurred the creation of the WWP

Walnut Pesto Gnocchi at Ulivo Gets Shout-out

Ocean Beach is wildly, amazingly provincial, one of the last great beach towns in America where locals go out of their way to support local businesses. One of the longtime standards is Olive Tree Marketplace, which sells sammies and snacks and wine and stuff. Next door they’ve opened this Italian restaurant, and while the Michelin guide won’t make a special trip to hang a star on it, I’ve eaten there twice now and been pleasantly surprised both times. Sit on their patio and try this dish, pillowy potato dumplings in a creamy walnut-basil pesto. Gnocchi’s tricky, because it can turn dense, like eating sandbags. But Ulivo’s are nice and fluffy. Ulivo at 1776 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, Ocean Beach. San Diego Magazine

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Jane Donley September 10, 2018 at 4:33 pm

Re: Coastal Cleanup Day on September 15: Obecians who want to volunteer for this event have two great options: The OB Pier, hosted by San Diego Chapter Surfrider Foundation, and OB – Dog Beach, hosted by Friends of Dog Beach and Dog Beach Dog Wash. It runs from 9 am to 12 noon. You can pre-register at or just show up Saturday morning.


Mike September 11, 2018 at 7:30 am

People have no guess how they harm the Earth.


OBKid September 12, 2018 at 12:10 pm

I support Bone Apetite for my pet’s needs. They local and have been here awhile…I wish Bancroft success but Bay area sandbaggers are not welcome in OB if that means running off one of our own!


Frank Gormlie September 13, 2018 at 9:50 am

Surfers of all ages will defy the laws of physics this weekend at the 25th annual OMBAC Classic Longboard Surfing Contest. The competition is divided into categories: Open Division for Men and Women (17 and older) and Special Menehune Division (16 and under). These ninjas of the sea will demonstrate their wave-riding abilities on 1969 or older vintage longboards, that measure nine feet or longer with no leash. The top three finishers in each division will receive an award and lots of swag. Beach check-in runs from 7:30 to 7:45 a.m. with the first heat paddle-out at 8:15 a.m. The surf classic is a fundraiser for the Drowning Prevention Foundation of San Diego, aka San Diego Junior Lifeguards.

25th annual OMBAC Classic Longboard Surfing Contest: 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. North side of Crystal Pier, 4500 Ocean Blvd., Pacific Beach. Entry fee: $30 in advance, $40 day of the event. The fee includes contest T-shirt and lunch. Registration: — From San Diego Union-Tribune


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