OBceans Urged to Bear Witness to 2nd Reading of New Short Term Vacation Rental Ordinance – Aug.1

by on July 31, 2018 · 2 comments

in Ocean Beach

Residents of Ocean Beach and other coastal neighborhoods in San Diego are urged to attend the so-called “second reading” of the new ordinance limiting short term vacation rentals at the City Council on Wednesday, August 1, and bear witness to the event, which begins at 1pm.

Having a second reading of an ordinance newly voted upon and approved is standard operating procedure for the council, which meets in Council Chambers, 12th floor of City Hall, 101 C Street in downtown San Diego. So, in essence, it’s a formality but a requirement.

The Bry Proposal on vacation rentals was passed by a strong vote of 6 to 3 on July 16, after Mayor Faulconer’s plan was defeated. Technically, the Bry Proposal became an amendment to Faulconer’s proposal, which was all but gutted, but retained his name.

In the meantime, it appears the pro-Airbnb crowd is mobilizing for Wednesday’s meeting – but pretty much in vain. Second readings have not been known to overturn Council votes.

Councilwoman Lorie Zapf asked OBceans to attend the meeting and thank the councilmembers for their votes on the 16th; there’s no need, she said, to repeat statements to the council back then.



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sealintheSelkirks July 31, 2018 at 2:59 pm

GO TO THE MEETING, OBceans! Take work off this is more important!

Get there early and expect to see (possibly) paid-for fake protesters in same color t-shirts to be bused in to take all the seats. That’s what these kind of corporate people do; it’s happened before and I’ve personally seen it happen. Think Tobacco Lobby crap!!

GO TO THE MEETING! And if this is a sneaky way to cancel the earlier vote, raise a ruckus and don’t allow it to happen! If it isn’t, then by all means thank those council members that voted against the corporate mayor’s plan as Zapf mentions. Unless she changes her mind, too…

Good luck.



Obeacian July 31, 2018 at 5:38 pm

This isn’t over yet. Get to the meeting to show your support for the planned regulations. Wear blue. If you can’t be there, send an email to the Councilmembers in support of the Bry proposal in its current form. I just wrote every councilmember to remind them as I can’t be there myself.

Dear Councilmember,

I’m writing today in continued support of the STVR regulations that were agreed to at the most recent council meeting (the Bry plan). As a community leader, homeowner, and coastal advocate I have seen first hand the damage caused by unregulated STVRs in San Diego. The Bry plan acknowledges the issues on both sides and strikes a balance between local property owners’ rights and the needs of our communities. The message of support from San Diego residents of the worst affected areas has been resounding. Any major changes to the plan for the pacification of investors would be undemocratic. The focus from here should be on approving the plan and strengthening the process for enforcing the provisions with real teeth. The residents have made it clear that this plan represents the will of the people. I urge you to support this compromise.



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