Simply for the Children’s Sake

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Baby's head witth shadow of Donald Trump

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I was singing the blues
until I heard the news
that children
being torn from the
arms of their parents
was coming to an end,
if but for a minute,
a breather
from evil being played
out in my face,
beautiful innocent
brown skinned children,
screaming “Mami! Papi!”
as Mami and Papi
are pulled one way,
and they, another way,
not understanding
but frightened by
the madness, in their sadness,
their eyes
giving way to rushing tears,
their trembling bodies
giving way to their crippling fears,
reaching frantically,
hoping to grab
and cling to
some part of their mothers and fathers,
any part,
a hand, a blouse, a shirt,
a belt, a dress, jeans…
My what a vicious crime
against a people’s hopes and dreams.

Oh, it chills me to my bones,
seeing racism feeling so at home
in the “Making America Great Again” scheme.

And I wonder when we will rise
against a coldhearted man who is evil personified,
a Jack-o-Lantern kind of human being
who has totally lost his way
or most likely never had a way,
spending his days terrorizing
and demonizing
and guiding a ship
that’s listing
and threatening to sink
into oblivion,
taking democracy
down with it,
blind to the reality
that the very idea
of taking children from their parents
is a sin
against humanity.

And we all
will reap what’s been sown
as we are complicit
with the terrorizing
of children
whether we want to be
or whether we want not to be.
We’re paying for the “processing centers,”
those fenced in concreted warehouses
with beds spread out on the floor,
a place “like summer camp”
I heard a woman on Fox News say
but anybody who’s been paying
attention for a lot of years will tell you
“La Migra” is not into fun and games.
All it is is a crying shame,
conceived and conducted
by a man who can aptly be described as spiritually lame,
a man
who can, with ease,
trample on the rights of children
to be left alone,
to be with their families,
no compunctions about it at all.

Which brings me to say
we, as a society,
need to
look into all his obstructing
and lying, his mental instability
and indecency and incompetency
and send him on his way.

Simply for the children’s sake.

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