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Millionaire and Former OBcean, Jimbo, Sues Westfield for Mess at Horton Plaza

Jimbo Someck, millionaire owner of natural foods grocery chain, Jimbo’s Naturally, has filed suit against Horton Plaza for breach of contract, claiming the Westfield-owned and -operated downtown center has caused him to lose millions of dollars in sales. Jimbo, the youngest of the 4 Someck brothers – 3 of whom lived in Ocean Beach at one time during the 1970s, worked at People’s Food Market way back in the 80s; there he learned all the skills he needed – and he burst out and opened his own natural food store in 1984, even hiring some of the key people who helped run Peoples back then. Total success followed.

Now he has a chain of 5 stores. But even millionaires have troubles, and he filed his complaint on May 22, alleging Horton Plaza has failed in its contractual obligation to operate the mall as a “first-class regional shopping center,” causing him to miss out on foot traffic and spend extra on increased security. It also contends that the mall operator has let the center fall into disrepair, creating a crime-ridden, “unwelcome environment for both customers and employees.” Jimbo’s spent $5 million plus in improvements in anticipation Westfield would uphold its commitment. San Diego Union-Tribune

Free Trees Still Available Despite Mayor’s Cut-backs

Virginia Wilson, our rep on the city’s Community Forest Advisory Board, told the OB Town Council this week that despite the mayor’s budgetary cutbacks to the tree program, there are still free trees available. “Now is the time to get a free tree,” she said. The program she helps navigate on the community level has already planted over one hundred trees. Virginia and Colleen from the Green Center are holding another door-to-door effort to find more people who want trees. That will be Sat., June 16, at the Green Center, 10 am, 4843 Voltaire. For info, contact the OB Green Center, 225-1083.

OB Friends of Library Book and CD Sale – June 9

Final City Budget Hearing – June 11

Special Hearing on Famosa Bike Track by Peninsulan Planners – June 14

The Peninsula Community Planning Board will hold a special hearing on the Famosa Bike Track at their regular meeting place and time – June 14.

OB Town Council to Hold Forum on Short Term Vacation Rentals – June 27

Your local OB Town Council will hold a forum on short term rentals at their regular monthly meeting, Wed, June 27; they meet at the Masonic Center on Sunset Cliffs Blvd at 7pm

City to Hold Hearing on Short Term Vacation Rentals – July 16

The city council will hold a long hearing on short term rentals July 16, time tba.

Point Loman Arrested for Making Threats at Torrey Pines High

An online threat of violence directed at Torrey Pines High School prompted a daylong closure of the Del Mar Heights campus May 31 and led to the arrest of a former student who allegedly caused the scare. Kevin Gregory Matlak, 21, was taken into custody without incident in the 3300 block of Fenelon Street in Point Loma early Thursday afternoon, according to San Diego police, who did not disclose a suspected motive in the case. Matlak allegedly made the menacing statements on Instagram. “These threats included the image of a firearm (and) an expressed desire to end his own life and the lives of others,” SDPD Capt. Daryl Hoover said. The suspect was not armed at the time of his arrest, according to Hoover. San Diego Patch

Drug Addicts Break Into Home on West Pt Loma, Leave Empty-handed

Two men forced their way into a residence on the 4900 block of West Pt Loma, pushing a 69-year-old woman to the ground – and going straight to her medicine cabinet. The unarmed men left after not finding anything. This all came down May 31 about 11:20 p.m. Thursday. Both suspects were described as thin, roughly 6-foot tall black men in their early 20s with short hair and wearing black sweat suits. Even though the woman was not injured, her dog Wizard, a 10-year-old rat terrier, ran away during the break-in and was later discovered that Wizard was hit by a car and killed. 10News

Ban on Styrofoam Proposed at City Council

At the end of May City Councilman Chris Ward introduced a proposal to ban products made with Styrofoam, or expanded polystyrene, in San Diego, citing adverse effects on local waterways and the coastline. The proposal would restrict the sale and distribution of food service wares, fish and meat trays, egg cartons, coolers and beach toys made with expanded polystyrene, also called EPS. Take-out food containers made with the plastic foam would also become restricted. EPS threatens the health of San Diegans, wildlife and critical industries, Ward said at a news conference, where he was flanked by City Councilwoman Barbara Bry, environmental advocates and business leaders.

EPS doesn’t biodegrade for hundreds of years. Instead, it “photodegrades,” breaking down into small pieces that marine wildlife mistake for food. The material is one of the most abundant forms of marine and terrestrial litter. “Our growing reliance on disposable plastic to fuel our ‘culture of convenience’ is not without cost. Globally, an average of eight million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean,” said Roger Kube, a policy adviser with the 5 Gyres Institute. “Once there, sunlight and currents shred plastic debris into smaller particles called microplastics, which absorb and concentrate toxic chemicals up the marine food chain and into our bodies. From plankton to fish, and to humans that eat seafood, plastic pollution is changing the very chemistry of life.” Volunteers with the Surfrider Foundation collected 12,575 pieces of EPS-related waste from local beaches in 2017, according to Michael Torti, executive committee chair of the environmental advocacy nonprofit’s San Diego chapter.

The ordinance introduced would mandate the city’s Environmental Services Department to provide a list of safe and affordable alternatives to EPS products. Staff would also develop a process to phase implementation of new rules to limit the impact on small businesses. In a formal memo, Ward requested the City Council’s Rules Committee consider his proposed ordinance. San Diego Patch

Locals Getting Tired of Pulling Ebikes Out of Ocean

On May 21, Paul Proctor pulled up four dockless bikes that were strewn off the Ocean Beach cliffs into the waters. “That’s a reef shelf at Sunset Cliffs and Hill Street,” Proctor said. “The area the bikes were in is inaccessible without a waist deep wade around one of the points of the coastline from the south end of No Surf Beach.” Proctor is a 32-year-old college student, who like his OB neighbors, is tired of seeing dockless/share bikes by their surf. “I have very heavy duty ratchet straps with metal hooks on the end,” he said. “I got lucky when I encountered Shawn because he was already down near the bikes looking for sea glass within the rocks. Shawn hooked the end of my straps to the bikes and I pulled the bikes up the cliff.” Proctor found an additional two bikes later in the day, which weren’t working because the water and the impact when thrown down the cliffs, messed up the bikes’ ability to power up and transmit a signal. San Diego Reader

City Holding Regional Workshops on Parks – Robb Field Monday June 11

The City of San Diego is holding 10 Regional Workshops across the city about the city’s Parks Master Plan and looking for public input. The closest workshop to OB and Pt Loma is right here in Robb Field. It’s an open house format and people are invited to come any time between 6:00pm to 8:00pm. So it’s Monday, June 11, 2018. Robb Field, Jim Howard Hall Meeting Room, 2525 Bacon St, San Diego 92107

County Supervisor Cozies Up to Trump, Cites Midway District Shooting by Immigrant

County Supe Kristin Gaspar told Trump abut the case of Alexander Mazin, who was shot to death in San Diego’s Midway District on Feb. 25. She said the suspect fled to Tijuana. San Diego police confirmed the suspect, Ernesto Castellanos Martinez, is believed to be in Mexico. Castellanos was an unauthorized immigrant who reportedly was arrested by the DEA in 2004 but not charged. He was given a voluntary departure directive by federal authorities, according to the report. Mazin’s death is tragic, but it was unclear what that case had to do with the state’s sanctuary laws. San Diego Union-Tribune

City Wants You to Be a Lifeguard!

The city of San Diego is recruiting for lifeguards right now! Applicants must meet the requirements by June 29, 2018, if attending the June 2018 San Diego Regional Lifeguard Academy or by June 17, 2019, if attending the June 2019 San Diego Regional Lifeguard Academy. Applicants must be  18 years of age or older, and hold a bunch of valid certificates, such as the American Red Cross Emergency Medical Response (EMR) Certificate. The pay is $16.23 – $19.50 hourly.

Lifeguard positions guard swimmers at public beaches and bays, perform rescues, administer first aid, warn swimmers of dangerous water conditions, enforce aquatic beach regulations and ordinances, clean and maintain lifeguard equipment, operate rescue boats, drive emergency vehicles such as pickup trucks and 2 and 4-wheel drive vehicles, give information to the public, and maintain records and write reports; and perform other duties as assigned.  Lifeguard I positions will be available primarily on a full-time basis during the summer.  Some positions may continue on a part-time basis during the spring and fall. Lifeguard I employees are required to pass a swimming performance test administered by the Lifeguard Services Division once a year to retain employment. Here for more info.

Teen Who Nearly Drowned From Falling Off OB Pier Offers Warning

A teenager who nearly drowned after falling off the Ocean Beach Pier this year thanked San Diego lifeguards for rescuing him and shared the importance of beach safety. Adrian Castillo, 19, was found by Lifeguards floating face down in the ocean after falling off the OB Pier in January. He was found not breathing and was pulled out of the water. By the time medics arrived, lifeguards had resuscitated him. “I am grateful, I am very grateful because if they didn’t get me I would’ve been lost for like a month,” Castillo said. Castillo made a full recovery and shared some lessons at the city of San Diego’s Summer Safety event. “Just be careful the ocean is a lot more deadly than it looks; it’s a lot more powerful than you might think,” Castillo said. 7SanDiego Here’s some tips:

  • Learn to swim and swim near a lifeguard
  • Follow the buddy system in the ocean or at city parks and lakes
  • Learn how to escape from a rip current
  • drink water and wear sunscreen on hot summer days

Body of Woman Found in Mission Bay

The body of a possible drowning victim was found adrift in Mission Bay May 22. A passer-by spotted the unidentified deceased woman floating face-down in Bonita Cove shortly before 10:30 a.m., according to San Diego police. Patrol personnel who confirmed the death reported no suspicious circumstances, SDPD public-affairs Officer Billy Hernandez said. The woman appeared to have been 50 to 60 years old, Sgt. Thomas Sullivan said. “The (county) medical examiner will complete (an) examination to determine cause of death and identity of the woman,” the sergeant said.

Hey Dude! You Missed a Spot

When San Diego city crews paved the roads in Mid-May in Ocean Beach, they discovered two vehicles didn’t follow directions and failed to avoid parking on Santa Monica Avenue near Sunset Cliffs Boulevard. As a result, the fresh black asphalt curves around the area where the two vehicles were parked, leaving the old road peeking out. … A city spokesperson told NBC 7 the decision to pave around the cars was a judgment call made by the crew who thought waiting for a tow truck would have put them too far behind schedule. They also wanted to make sure the street was dry in time for traffic when school let out that afternoon, the spokesperson said. Crews returned the next week to add a second coat of slurry, and touched up / paved areas that were previously missed. 7SanDiego

Lawsuit Between Bryan Pease and People’s Explained

Bryan Pease, most recently a candidate for city council, used to sit on the board of directors for People’s Food Market. Then he stepped down, then wanted to get back again, but met with displeasure from the market’s directors; a law suit happened; here it is explained.

OB and Point Loma Make List of Illegal Dumping Hotspots

The San Diego Environmental Services Department is in charge of addressing illegal dumping complaints. Last year they identified nine hotspots that tended to have the largest volumes of trash: Point Loma, City Heights, Logan Heights, Paradise Hills, Ocean Beach, Mission and Pacific Beaches, Webster & Mt. Hope, San Ysidro and the South Bay. San Diego Reader

Kitchen Design in OB Wins Award

Jackson Design and Remodeling (JDR) had one of its “Uniquely Bold” kitchen design for a young Ocean Beach couple as one of five winners in the 27th annual San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles Magazine Kitchen of the Year (KOY) competition. Designed by JDR Senior Interior Designer Rosella Gonzalez, the kitchen is a fresh and rustic take on a Mid-Century Modern sensibility. The bold handmade-tile backsplash in vivid shades of turquoise was customized with exacting attention to detail. Updated classics, such as a stainless steel hood and minimalist cabinet pulls, complement a balance of natural woods and gleaming white surfaces. The design captures ocean views and natural light while communicating colorful style in an open and airy layout. Digital Journal

‘Buy Nothing’ in San Diego Started in OB

The goal of the Buy Nothing Project is that nothing goes to waste. From leftover food to cleaning out your closet, someone’s trash can become someone else’s treasure using a Facebook page. The Buy Nothing pages are separated by neighborhood, so it’s a hyper-local way to share that’s not just about getting free stuff, but also about building community. “The food goes quickly,” said Megan Hubbard Carter, a Buy Nothing Ocean Beach user.

The Buy Nothing group began in 2013, in Washington state. It has sprouted into other groups in 20 nations for a combined half-a-million members. Ocean Beach was the first group in San Diego County. Currently there are now 60 groups in San Diego. … The hyper-local “gifting,” found through the Buy Nothing Project on Facebook, has a motto: Give freely and share creatively. Users are asked to keep it civil and keep it legal with no buying, selling, trading or bartering. Buy Nothing allows users to post items they want to get rid of or “gift” to residents in the user’s neighborhood. Users can also ask for items and services. So before you throw away, donate, dump in the alley or buy online – think about building local connections. To join your neighborhood Buy Nothing search for your area. You can only join one and it must be in your community, so you can give where you live or if you want to start one visit: www.Facebook.Com/buynothingproject. CBS8

Point Loma High Students Speak Out Against Gun Violence

On June 4, Point Loma High School students unveiled a student-produced public service announcement on gun violence and school security titled, “If You See Something, Say Something,” to be aired publicly throughout June. The PSA announcement came just three days after a threatening message scrawled on a PLHS bathroom stall prompted extra security at the school and an investigation by San Diego Unified School District police. The PSA campaign will target all of San Diego County with two 30-second PSAs by PLHS and San Diego High School teacher Kyle Williams’ film class students Buster Underwood, David Castellon and Yasmin Diaz….Concerning the recent PLHS threat, Vargas noted: “It was writing on the wall that was very vague. But we always have to do everything we can to make sure the campus is safe. We definitely want to let the kids know we’re going to take every threat seriously.” Vargas said students making threats is a serious matter. He added students can be prosecuted for anything from a misdemeanor to a felony depending on the circumstances.

Anthony Torres and Jakob Tiger, seniors in PLHS instructor Anthony Palmiotto’s cinematic arts class and aspiring filmmakers, talked about doing the school-safety spot. “We started it, we filmed it, we were in it, we edited it,” said Torres. “It took us several days to produce,” said Tiger. “We had to make several different versions to see what turned out best.” In doing the PSA, Torres said, “Our intention was to get this message out – and now it’s out and away.” …Discussing what can be done to make schools safer, Tiger said, “Maybe have more than just one cop at the school for security. We created this video hoping to make an impact on how people view suspicious activity.” Asked why school shootings are becoming more frequent, Torres said, “Because nothing has really been done about it.” San Diego Community News Group

Claudia Returns – June 21

Claudia Returns! at the OB Historical Society, at Water’s Edge Faith Community at 1984 Sunset Cliffs Blvd., OB; Thursday, June 21, at 7pm. Due to the popularity of her previous Ocean Beach Historical Society Program, Claudia Jack is back to talk about her O.B. tales going back to when she came here in 1957. She will also show her latest sign collection acquisitions. Claudia will end the program with a fun new game.

Local Businesses in the Media:

Point Loma Fish Shop

Slater’s 50/50 at Liberty Station, Hodad’s and Royale Cocktails & Hamburgers on best burger list.

Plant Power

The $5 Foodie

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Rufus June 9, 2018 at 4:52 am

I find it curious that some people consider a few dockless bikes in the surf as a pollution threat, yet they see nothing wrong with hundreds of these same bikes creating visual pollution and barriers to walkers and the disabled when the bikes are on dry land.


Tyler June 9, 2018 at 11:13 am

Are you also enraged by all those dockless cars polluting and creating barriers on the roads?


Chris June 9, 2018 at 1:03 pm

I can understand the issues of blocking sidewalks, but visual pollution? Does the very sight of these bikes really cause you that much distress? Lol.


mjt June 11, 2018 at 10:44 am

Don’t leave out the scooters they are maybe worse. This imposition on the landscape is beyond me. An idea might be good until it reaches a tipping point.
Yes they are a hazard to the old, an eyesore to the sensitive and an imposition on meticulous home owners who awake each day to see the daily liter.

Nothing against young males who use them the most, but hey your young take a bus or how about walking.
Is there no peace on this earth?

All these Bent Neck smart phone users and their scooters, like locusts covering the sky.


Chris June 12, 2018 at 6:10 am



Chris June 12, 2018 at 6:29 am

Your post reminds me of the residents of Coronado in the case of bike lanes (and they sadly won their case).

I can understand the concern with the scooters zipping around on the sidewalk and randomly leaving them in places where they block accessibility for others, but you really go into some Shakespearian dramatics. An eyesore to the sensitive? Please tell me that’s meant to be tongue in cheek.


Tyler June 9, 2018 at 11:14 am

I just wish people who used the city’s tree program would actually water the trees! So sad when you walk around OB and see newly planted trees dying because the owner never bothered to water them more than once. What a waste! I’m looking at you property owners near the intersection of Brighton and Abbott.


editordude June 11, 2018 at 2:29 pm

Sorry about the confusion regarding the Friends of the OB Library; they didn’t have a book and CD sale after all on the 9th.


Frank Gormlie June 11, 2018 at 2:32 pm

City Holding Regional Workshops on Parks – Robb Field Monday June 11

The City of San Diego is holding 10 Regional Workshops across the city about the city’s Parks Master Plan and looking for public input. The closest workshop to OB and Pt Loma is right here in Robb Field. It’s an open house format and people are invited to come any time between 6:00pm to 8:00pm. So it’s Monday, June 11, 2018. Robb Field, Jim Howard Hall Meeting Room, 2525 Bacon St, San Diego 92107


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