Vandals Strike Again in Ocean Beach, This Time With Paint-Thinner

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in Ocean Beach

This and other images are screen grabs from abc10news

10 News reports an Ocean Beach couple had their vehicles vandalized when someone threw paint-thinner over them sometime Tuesday or Wednesday of this past week.  The damage to the cars’ exteriors is in the thousands of dollars. The station reports:

Terisa Harju says someone threw paint thinner or a solvent of some kind all over her and her fiancé’s vehicles. Both were parked in their driveway along West Point Loma Boulevard.

“I called my fiancé and I said ‘come down here, both of our vehicles have been vandalized,'” Harju said. “He was hosing it off and the paint just started coming off. I took it through the car wash, and you go through like the dryer part, I could see little black flakes of paint like flying through the air.”

Damage from paint thinner.

Harju says she has no idea who would have done something like this. She filed a police report and hopes anyone with information reports it.

Terisa posted fliers around her neighborhood, warning neighbors to be on the lookout. She said this makes her think about moving but she doesn’t really want to. 10News

This recent incident, of course, follows a wave of vandalism that has hit areas of OB and Point Loma recently. There’s been fires in alleys, at least one car fire – intentionally set, there’s been tires slashed. In fact last week there was an OB Town Hall meeting on the arson and vandalism.

And, of course, we don’t know the motives for this act or for any of the other ones. We don’t know if it’s one person – or a group – or even if they’re all related. We don’t know if they’re acts of revenge; we don’t know the type of person or persons doing these acts of destruction.

We do know that none of these incidents ought to incite hysteria, fear or craziness but reasoned awareness of one’s surroundings and a thought to watch out for the neighbors.


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