13 Candidates for 7 Seats on the Ocean Beach Town Council

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OBTC candidates, L to R : Cameron Reid, Stephanie Ritter, Brian Kenny, Jon Carr, Collin Vincent, Elliot Blackwood, Melinda Therkalsen, Kris Booze, Grace Quigley, Brett Weise, Elizabeth McGraw, Marin Green, and Mark Winkie;

The Ocean Beach Town Council is having its annual election to its Board of Directors, and this year there are 7 open seats. And there are a staggering number of 13 candidates for those seats. Four of the candidates are incumbents. The top 7 vote-getters become Board members – there is no run-off.

The election takes place online from Monday, January 29th to Friday, February 9th, only by the several hundred members of the OB Town Council.  (Voting members are paid up for the $20 annual fee.)

The Ocean Beach Town Council is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the care and improvement of our beautiful coastal community. Membership costs $20 per year, and all money raised goes right back to helping our community. If you’re interested in being a member, go here.

At the monthly meeting of the OBTC Wednesday, Jan. 24th, the 13 candidates appeared and all of them gave very brief speeches.

Below is a list of the candidates with a very, very brief description, in the order of their presentations the other night:

OBTC candidates, L to R : Stephanie Ritter, Brian Kenny – behind Jon Carr in blue shirt, Collin Vincent, Elliot Blackwood, Kris Booze, Grace Quigley, Melinda Therkalsen in pink, Brett Weise, Elizabeth McGraw, Marin Green, and Mark Winkie; Cameron Reid is not pictured.

Colin Vincent

An attorney who has lived in OB for 7 years; he has experience in running organizations like the town council, and said “I love OB and all the events.”

Marin Green

An incumbent, she is running for her 3rd term. Marin owns and operates a carpet cleaning business and works in a local restaurant at night. During the recent OB Holiday Parade, she worked to clean up its aftermath and behind the scenes. She helps to put the OB Christmas Tree up and make it “as crooked as possible.”

Melinda Therkelsen

Formerly on the Board, Melinda left to have her first child, who is now 3, and she’s “ready to get back.” She’s lived in OB for 10 years and is a homeowner.

Mark Winkie

Another incumbent, he said “It’s awesome to see so many people running.” “People have the heart and energy for this community,” Mark said, as he wishes to continue to serve such a community.

Grace Quigley

Grace has been a member of the OBTC for about a year and half; she volunteered for the annual Food & Toy Drive last year, as well as for the Pier Pancake Breakfast. She’s an administrative assistant for an environmental organization.

Elizabeth McGraw

Elizabeth participated in the beach – street clean-up recently, and it inspired her. She’s a trainer and has owned her own home for 8 years. “Keep that OB culture intact,” she said.

Chris Booze

His wife and he moved to OB not too long ago. “It’s so endearing,” he said, “to see what the Board does. I want to be a bigger part of this community.”

Elliot Blackwood

He lives on Bacon Street in north OB, and he’s volunteered for a lot of activities, such as the anti-graffiti task force and for the OB-CSI clean-up. Elliot is current forming a Neighborhood Watch to keep track of “the undesirables.”

Bret Weiss

Bret has been an OB resident for 4 years, and currently lives near Cable and Newport; he’s a lifelong San Diego resident. He works for Councilman Chris Ward and does projects like the OBTC does over in the Greater Golden Hill area.

Brian Kenny

He’s been a long-time resident, he says, and has many connections within the community and among the businesses. These connections can help “create a community-based dialog to solve our problems.”

Cameron Reid

He met OBTC folks for the first time at the OB Pier Pancake Breakfast and during the Holiday Parade and Toy Drive; he was so impressed that he wants to be part of the Town Council.

Jon Carr

Jon has been the Board’s correspondence secretary and is another one of the incumbents running, having served on the board for a good number of years. He came to OB in 1999, got married and now is a homeowner.

Stephanie Ritter

She’s been in OB for 5 years, has attended OBTC meetings and been involved in volunteer efforts, such as the Street Fair. She likes the positive environmental direction of the Board, as she works for San Diego Coastkeeper.

Editordude’s Note: At some point we understand the candidates’ statements will be posted at the OB Town Council website.  Or its facebook page.






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Cameron Reid January 26, 2018 at 2:43 pm

Thanks for writing this up Frank! Just wanted to confirm the spelling of my last name is Reid.


Elliott Blackwood January 26, 2018 at 5:27 pm

Nice writeup, Frank. Certainly all are terrific candidates!


Jon Carr January 26, 2018 at 8:31 pm

Everyone who loves this community should be heartened that this local nonprofit election has garnered so much interest by so many locals who willingly request to volunteer their time to OB. It’s easy to get caught up in the negatives appearing daily on Facebook and social media. But OB is still made up of people who care and want to live our way and preserve our events. That’s not fake news, that’s good news.


Denine Hunt February 2, 2018 at 7:22 pm

Thanks for the story Frank, good job summarizing the candidates oral statements from the meeting. I have cast my votes but must admit it wasn’t easy deciding who the best folks are. Exciting to see so much interest!


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