Restaurant Review: Broken Yolk Cafe in Point Loma

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Restaurant Review

Broken Yolk Cafe
3577 Midway Drive
San Diego, CA, 92110

Many years ago, when my husband was still alive the Broken Yolk Café was one of our favorite restaurants for breakfast.  When the widows decided to get together last Friday we thought it might be fun to return to the restaurant on Midway Drive.  We had all been to the one in the Grossmont area together and although I do not usually do a review of a “chain”, we decided that this chain was smaller than many and we’d give it a try.

Parking is not a problem and getting to it from Midway was relatively easy. (Not quite so easy when getting ready to leave because of oncoming traffic, but doable if one has patience.)

“Just Eggs” / Dish photos by Judi Curry

I do not think that the menu has changed in ten years.  It is quite extensive – 5 large pages of items – and very attractive.  It would be hard not to find something that a person would like, because there are gluten free, vegetarian, sides, etc., that should appeal to everyone. What might not appeal are the prices.  We were amazed at the cost of their items when we decided to order; $45 including a tip for three of us seemed a little steep.

The menu included “Morning Glory” – (Oatmeal being the least expensive at $6.95); Two eggs section that includes just two eggs – $9.65 plus other eggs with items not included with the two eggs; Breakfast Craves – including Southern Biscuits and Grave at $11.95 and going up to $16.95 for New York Steak and Eggs; Many types of “Griddle Me This” beginning at a short stack of buttermilk pancakes for $7.35 and including Crunchy French Toast at $12.95.  There is a selection of Benedicts, with only one – Eggs Florentine at $12.95; the other Benedicts are $13.95; a section called “Omelet Obsession” with 12 omelets and most of them costing $13.95.

buttermilk short stack

If one is not happy with that section, there is also a section entitled, “Create Your Own Omelet, where you add either vegetables, meats toppings or cheese for additional costs.  The final item for breakfast is a section of “South of the Border” foods, and the prices vary from $10.95 for Chilaquiles to $13.95 for a “Border Benedict.”

The lunch menu is not as daunting, with not as many selections, but there are half pound Angus Burgers – $11.65-$12.95; Fresh Salads and Soups, and Sandwiches and Wraps.  There is also large beverage selection and beer and wine is available.

Candy ordered “Just Eggs” for $9.65.  It came with her choice of homefries, hashbrowns, fresh fruit, Mexican Rice or refried beans. Additionally she could choose a fresh baked biscuit, blueberry muffin or English muffin.  She chose the Blueberry Muffin and fresh fruit.

“Crunchy French Toast”

Irene ordered the buttermilk short stack – two very large pancakes for $7.35.  She also ordered coffee for $2.95 a cup.

I ordered the “Crunchy French Toast” at $12.95.  It was three extra thick slices of batter-dipped egg bread rolled in crunchy frosted flakes, sprinkled with sliced almonds, raspberries and powdered sugar, topped with whipped cream and raspberry drizzle.  The serving was enormous and I could only eat two pieces of toast, after sharing it with the two other ladies.

The “Just Eggs” was cooked just the way Candy ordered it; the fruit was ripe and attractive.  The muffin was warm and tasty.

cranberry juice in heavy glass, filled to the brim

Irene said that if she had noticed the “Sides” menu she would have only ordered 1 pancake, because it was so large.  (Apparently there is one pancake listed on the “Sides Menu”.) The Short stack consists of two pancakes and the regular order must be 3 pancakes for $8.25. There are different flavors and the price goes up with how you order.

The Crunchy French Toast was delicious, just too much of it.  I would have liked to have a few raspberries that were not part of the sauce, but it was very tasty.  When the waiter asked me if I wanted to take the third piece home I declined because I didn’t know how I could warm it up and still keep it crispy.  I also ordered a glass of cranberry juice, and it came in a heavy glass, filled to the brim,  for $2.95.

As good as the food was I do not think I would go back, primarily because of the cost.  I would suggest that they stop advertising as much as they do and lower the prices of some of their items.  They have a nice restaurant, and good food, but more than I would want to pay for an everyday meal.


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OB Mercy September 26, 2017 at 2:40 pm

This place is generally considered terrible by really everyone in the SD food industry. Personally, I don’t know how you can screw up bacon and eggs with hash browns, but they were one of my first breakfasts out when I first moved here. They offered a $2 off coupon and it was one of the worst breakfasts I’ve ever had. Never went back. Whenever I bring up their name to anyone, I get a pained look!


judi September 26, 2017 at 5:09 pm

Sure has never been my experience. Everything I have ever had there was good. Good enough to go back. I try not to order the “everyday” meals – bacon and eggs, but like to try what is “out of the norm.” Have never been disappointed.


Chris September 27, 2017 at 3:41 pm

I used to go to the one in PB in the 90s and always thought it was decent. Nothing special. I have not been to that one in probably 20 years and have never been to any of the other locations so I really can’t comment on them. I DO notice that they don’t have a very high average on Yelp, varying from two and half to three stars.


Steffanie September 27, 2017 at 12:06 pm

This place is disgusting. I tried the one downtown with my husband and it was so bad I asked for a comment card so I could leave them some feedback. It was somewhere between IHOP and Denny’s. I’m not so picky about pricing because I consider food as my medicine (pay now or pay later). If you’re looking for quality food and good taste, skip this place!


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