Ocean Beach Town Council Responds to Target Express

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in Ocean Beach

Standing room only at the August OBTC forum on Target Express.

From OBTC Newsletter

As a designated 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, the Ocean Beach Town Council (OBTC) is dedicated to expressing the will, representing the welfare, and sustaining the spirit of the community of Ocean Beach. Some of the many ways our organization does this include providing forums for the discussion of community issues, communicating the views and needs of the community to relevant parties, and taking appropriate action on community issues.

Recently, we held a public community forum on Target’s proposal to open a storefront in OB in response to numerous calls, emails, and social media messages related to the lease of the Antique Mall building to a Target Express. The communications we received from our membership as well as Ocean Beach residents and business owners have been mainly opposed to the presence of Target Express on Newport Avenue, with a few expressing support for the idea of having a large retailer to provide convenience and some ambivalent.

The Ocean Beach community has a long and proud history of supporting locally owned and operated retail stores, restaurants, and business operators. The OBTC believes that small, locally owned businesses are vital to maintaining the strong fabric of the Ocean Beach community and are a primary reason residents remain here and tourists return year after year to visit our shores and stores.

The OBTC urges the owners of the Antique Mall to seriously consider options other than leasing the space to the second largest discount store retailer in the US. Further, we fully support the Ocean Beach Planning Board’s decision to oppose any future permits for the off-site sale of alcohol across the Ocean Beach planning area, which includes the proposed Target location.

The OBTC will continue, as we have always done, to encourage residents and tourists to support the variety of independent, locally owned businesses that help to make our community the special place that it is.

If the owners of the Antique Mall building and Target Corporation continue to move forward with their lease agreement, disregarding the clear and expressed will of the community, the OBTC would call on the Target Corporation to uphold, abide, and respect the resolution of the Ocean Beach Planning Board and OBTC to refrain from off-site sales of alcohol.

OBTC would implore the Target Corporation to respect and support our community with a community benefits agreement addressing the following issues:

  • not offer products for sale that are already available elsewhere in Ocean Beach or that would be in direct competition with our local independent businesses;
  • keep sidewalks and alleyways surrounding the business free of litter, graffiti, and loitering;
  • dedicate 5 percent or more of profits derived from the OB storefront to directly supporting organizations and initiatives in 92107 that benefit our community;
  • limit the impact of corporate branding & storefront signage and consult the Ocean Beach Planning Board to ensure any signage is in compliance with the sentiment of the Ocean Beach Precise Plan;
  • make improvements to infrastructure surrounding the property to mitigate the effects of increased traffic, deliveries, and parking congestion;
  • commit to hiring local residents into primarily full time positions with living wages and benefits;
  • submit to a semi-annual review of adherence to these standards.


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Kathy September 26, 2017 at 9:02 pm

It appears Target Express in South Park has been embraced by the community, despite protests like those in OB & the negative impact Gala Foods closure had on small business and residents. Ironically, Gala Foods owner Saad Hirmez, who also owns Apple Tree, closed the store because “he could no longer afford to operate his store effectively and pay for much-needed renovations, so he began seeking new retail tenants.”

Target’s been very receptive to respecting and supporting the South Park community, for example, limited selection of pet products to not compete with a local dog wash.

“I’m really happy they took over the space, because it looks like the old Safeway. They support local events and they don’t compete with other stores. I love that they are like an old 5 & 10…a little of this and that, all reasonably priced.”

66 Yelp Reviews: 5*=16, 4*=16, 3*=12, 2*=9, 1*=13
Complaints: Not a full size grocery store, limited brand selection (huh? I thought they didn’t want corporate giants); Not Sprouts or Trader Joe’s (I would’ve preferred Sprouts in OB too, obviously they weren’t interested); Pricing (on-line prices matched at check-out & on-line order pick-up is available); Dogs are allowed in store (a plus in our dog-friendly community)

Compliments: 3 reviewers who were opposed to Target Express love it!
Clean, decent selection/variety, convenient, no parking or traffic issues & preference for smaller version of Target in Mission Valley & Sports Arena.

Most agreed they were negatively impacted by Gala Foods closure & the vacancy created an eyesore. Sound familiar? We waited 3 1/2 years for Apple Tree to open due to a liquor license hold up. Well the liquor dept. is well stocked, but they’re seriously lacking in AFFORDABILITY & VARIETY of grocery items.

I used to bike to the old Apple Tree a few times a week rather than driving to Midway. It’s an IGA store, like Stumps they had the same coupon deals, weekly specials & way cheaper produce than Ralph’s & Vons. Square footage is identical to the old Apple Tree, the old Gala Foods & the soon-to-be old Antique Mall.

Maybe y’all should be pissed at Saad, rather than Target who’s filling the void he left in 2 communities.


rick callejon September 27, 2017 at 10:27 am

There is neither need nor want for Newport Target.


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