March for Truth San Diego – Sat., June 3rd – Mission Bay Park

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in Ocean Beach

People’s Climate March in San Diego, April 29th

Activists in San Diego are decidedly fed-up with what’s been going on inside the White House. They have joined a nation-wide campaign to march for truth, and have organized a March for Truth San Diego for this Saturday, June 3rd to be held in Mission Bay Park.

The following is info from March for Truth San Diego facebook.

Co-sponsored by INDIVISIBLE San Diego, this march is a non-partisan call to Congress to commission an independent investigation into the Trump Campaign/Administration’s ties to Russia.


  • Starting at 11 am, we will gather in Mission Bay Park, just north of the Hilton Hotel. (See map below)
  • As our crowd gathers we will hear brief speeches and start the rally chants.
  • Around 11:30 we will march north, along Mission Bay, toward the visitor center.
  • The March will finish in the park just south of Mission Bay Visitors Center.
  • We will have booths from local activist groups and a few more short speeches.
  • The speeches will conclude with us sending an envoy of people to hold large banners over the I-5 overpass. (For the sake of safety, we will limit the number of people on the bridge.)

Hashtag is #MarchForTruthSD

There’s also a North County March for Truth – see their facebook.


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Carl Z June 1, 2017 at 6:06 pm

Let’s take this opportunity not forget how we got to this awful place. Elections have consequences. Those “Never Hillary” people who had to lodge a protest vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson should consider the adverse consequences of their decision that put Trump into the White House; polluters have the support of the federal government, minorities’ right to vote infringed upon, the gerrymandering of legislative districts to elect more Republicans, Trump packing the Supreme Court and the federal judiciary with reactionary judicial officers, the denial of women’s right to exercise reproductive rights and access to abortion, the undermining and dismantling of our educational system, the threat to our most basic freedoms and the denial of health insurance to those who need it most. Let’s remember so we won’t make the same mistake again.


john June 2, 2017 at 10:13 am

Well one can agree with supporting the environment everyone has a limit. For example: The ecosystem within 1/2mile of the Pacific Ocean high tide is fragile. We have overbuilt and our pollution is causing major problems. Demolition of all man made structures and infrastructures needs to be done ASAP. This would restore the coast and prevent pollution. There is no other way. 100% science fact is Mission Bay, Mission Beach, lower Ocean Beach, La Jolla Shores, Coronado, etc… need to eliminate human structures and habitat. The global community demands it and if you deny this you are a bitter clinger. But of course this will not happen because the “others” are the problem. You can feel good buying an electric car, buying organic, recycling, etc….but when people have to take a personal sacrifice (those who live in this area and own land in this area) suddenly concern for the environment is mute. OB people are no different than Appalachia coal miners or San Felipe fishermen . Once an outside authority (Paris Accord) takes away your economic interests, you would protest this, you would get violent you would look just like the people you mock.


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