Restaurant Review : The Gourmet Bagger in the Midway District

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Restaurant Review

The Gourmet Bagger
3357 Rosecrans
San Diego, CA
Midway in Loma Square

Time to have lunch with the widows again, except that this time there were only two of us.  Irene and me.  We started out the day going to garage and estate sales, and then went to the Police Department to drop off some very old prescriptions.  As we were driving to the police department we noticed that traffic on Highway 8 going west was backed up all the way to Hotel Circle.  That changed where we were going to eat lunch, and decided to try  “The Gourmet Bagger” instead of our original plans.

Parking at Loma Square is difficult at any time, but Saturday is the worst.  Luckily we found a place relatively easy and were pleasantly surprised to see that tables outside and inside had diners, but there were still a few tables left.  It appears that many people give their orders and then sit at tables waiting for the orders to be filled.  This could cause an unnecessary wait for those of us wanting to eat at the restaurant because there was a steady stream of “take-outs” the entire time we were there.

The menu is very extensive.  There are 18 gourmet sandwiches listed, starting at $6.99 and ending at $7.99.  There are also 7 “deli” sandwiches beginning at $5.99 and going to $7.19.  Additionally there is ½ Deli Sandwich with your choice of soup or salad also, and that is $6.99.

There are 8 salads listed, with the garden salad at $4.69 and ranging to $7.99; There are 8 “new” sandwiches listed that are also in the $6.99-$7.49 price range.  There is a small kids menu ($2.69 for peanut butter and jelly) and the other 4 items listed at $3.49.  As if this isn’t enough, there is a listing for “And More” which includes a Hot Dog @ 4.99, Grilled Cheese at $3.49; Grilled Turkey and Cheese, or Grilled Ham and Cheese at $6.19.

In addition to all of the sandwiches and salads, there are side salads, side orders of chips, garlic cheese bread, and soup of the day.  They have chocolate chip cookies for dessert – huge ones – at $2.99 for two.

There are soda pops, iced teas, juices, water, etc.  There are no beer and wine items on the menu, and there are no “gluten-free” items available.

Irene ordered the chicken salad sandwich for $6.99.  She had her choice of breads, and it came with mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato, and sprouts.  Also something that came with it that surprised us both was a miniature chocolate chip cookie and a hard candy.

I ordered the Calamari sandwich ($7.99) that was a lightly breaded and sautéed calamari steak, lettuce, tomato and a special tartar sauce on a freshly baked bun.  (I also had the cookie and hard candy in my bag.)

Irene’s sandwich was very good.  The wheat bread from fresh; the salad well seasoned and overflowing the bread.  She could find no complaints with it.  And she had threatened to buy a package of the chocolate chip cookies and was thrilled to find one in her bag.  The bag it was served in is interesting in itself.  Her name was on the bag; and what she ordered was checked off.  It is really a “menu” without prices.  A nice touch.

My calamari sandwich was good also.  The bun was, indeed, freshly baked.  Soft and easy to eat.  Whereas Irene’s sandwich was cut in two, mine was not and I had to ask for a knife to cut it because it was too awkward to eat whole.  As I unwrapped the sandwich a nice wedge of lemon fell onto the table and I did not use it but it would have been nice if it had been packed separately instead of inside the sandwich wrap.

The calamari was very soft and easy to eat.  It didn’t have much flavor, however, in spite of the nice sauce that was spread on the bun.  And there were actually two slices of calamari; not just one.  There was no “fishy” taste, which I also appreciated.  Although it was good, I do not think that I would order it again.

Irene’s chicken salad sandwich and coke amounted to $10.31 and my Calamari sandwich and iced tea came to $10.53.  We each put the change in a tip jar that was on the counter.  (I know – not much of a tip.)

There are two things that I want to point out.  The first being that there were 7 people in the kitchen making the sandwiches.  Seems like “overkill” to me, because it is a small kitchen, and I don’t know if that is the regular amount of “cooks” or just because it was Saturday.

The other thing is that in order to use the bathroom, you have to walk out of the restaurant, turn the corner, and enter the bathroom via the kitchen.  Seems rather strange to be walking through the kitchen to go to the restroom, but you are not walking through the “sandwich making” area.  Rather, where the dishwasher and sinks are located.

They do make a point of letting you know they do deliver, and even go as far as to point out which items are not “recommended for delivery.”

Would we go again?  Probably.  Irene said she would order the same thing again; I would try something else.  The prices are all similar; not overly expensive, and from what we could tell, enjoyed by many.

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South OB Girl May 2, 2017 at 7:07 pm

Yum! Looks good Judi!!


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