Private Investigator Suspects Possible Foul Play in Death of Man Who Drowned After Allegedly Jumping Off Ocean Beach Pier

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A private investigator hired by the family of 27-year-old Kevin Chilson-Moyers, who drowned after allegedly jumping off the Ocean Beach Pier, says that there is a reason to suspect possible foul play in his death.

“There are very few witnesses, no camera footage retrieved by police, and a lot of questions left as to what unfolded that evening. We think there is more to the story,” stated Investigator Josh Chandler.

Chilson-Moyers died tragically in what many have described as a freak accident, when according to witnesses he jumped off the Ocean Beach Pier March 31st at 9:30 at night in heavy surf, just to retrieve a backpack or hat that had been thrown off the pier by an unknown group of men he had allegedly been in an argument with.

In a press statement, Chandler described it this way:

“The initial police field interviews are very limited regarding details surrounding Kevin’s death, and did not to our knowledge include detailed questions about the alleged altercation between men on the pier and Kevin immediately prior to his death.

We know nothing about these men, not even their description from the police interviews. From the toxicology report, we have learned that Kevin had no drugs in his system and very little alcohol. 

We believe there may be additional information available that may shed light on a very confusing situation that occurred that night, and why and how a young man would jump off a dark pier into the heavy surf just to retrieve a hat or some belongings … if that is in fact what happened.”

Regarding Kevin’s family, Chandler stated:

“There is a grieving family and a mother who is devastated by the loss of her son.

There are more questions than answers at this point, and we want to find out what exactly what happened that night.

Mrs. Moyers appreciates everyone in the community who donated on to help bring her son home for a funeral and was moved by the generosity by people from all over San Diego.

She asks for your assistance again with sharing his story so that additional witnesses may come forward with any information they may have.”

Investigators are looking for any additional witnesses who may have information critical to the case and what occurred that night.

According to the press statement:

Anyone who was there at the pier and witnessed anything, or may have information regarding the events leading up to Kevin’s death are urged to or visit the private investigator’s website and submit a tip on the ‘Justice Tip-line’ at or by calling their office at (800) 278-9329. Agents are available 24/7 to take their call.

See here – Kevin’s girlfriend spoke to the press.

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