Congressman Duncan Hunter Just Said Some Crazy Sh*t at his Recent Town Hall

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Rep. Duncun Hunter, Jr at his Ramona town hall, 3/11/17. Photo credit: The Escondido Grapevine

San Diego Congressman Duncan Hunter just said some crazy sh*t at his Ramona town hall meeting on March 11th over last weekend. And he said it in front of a raucous crowd of hundreds.

There’s a good transcript and video of what he said, thanks to Indivisible San Diego’s four and half minute video and Dan Weisman’s annotated transcript at Escondido Grapevine’s Duncan Duane Hunter town hall (annotated).

You have to see it to believe it (the video is below). But read the crazy stuff first. After Hunter iterated a lot of his typical views on his typical issues (Mexicans, the military budget, Obamacare) – which I urge you to check out- , he then says unbelievable things.

After a woman asked him that since there have been “findings that the Russians interfered with our election and favored one candidate. Will you vote for an independent investigation -wherever it may lead?” (sustained applause), Hunter answered (my emphasis):

“Here’s what we have. The Russians hacked the Democratic server and got a bunch of emails from Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager. OK.  They didn’t hack the voting booths. They didn’t come in with a gun to anybody’s had and said you need to vote this way. There are four congressional investigations going on right now into the Russians, OK…

I don’t think that they affected the election but here’s what they do …(Crowd yelling) I’m sorry, Trump won the election, but here’s …The Russians hack us all the time. The Russians hack the us government , The Russians hack the military institutions, the Russians hack all the guys who make our stuff Boeing…”,

What I’m not going to do is vote for a witch hunt by the Department of Justice or the FBI or the intelligence community that have been infiltrated by seditious Obama folks that want to go after this president. I’m not going to do it. (lots of thumbs-down and booing)

You guys have heard the term deep state. You guys have heard the term deep state?

“You have tens of thousands of Obama; not tens of thousands, thousands of Obama appointees, people that worked under that administration, who hate Donald Trump as much as you do. They’re trying to take him down from the inside. There is right now in my view.

I think that Donald Trump did have his phone conversations and emails intercepted and those of you that believe in democracy and free elections can’t tell me that a sitting president whose party is running for the presidency can wiretap and intercept the phone. I would think you would be for freedom and liberty not the Orwellian government that controls us which is what we have right now. (Lots of yelling as Hunter strides around stage.)

“Here’s what’s really funny. Trump used the word wiretap. When trump tweeted out the word wiretap, guess what. We haven’t wiretapped since we had cell phones.The Intelligence community and the FBI and DoJ could actually say we have never wiretapped. Here’s what they all it. (Hooting)

“No, I’m being serious, here’s what they call it. they call it intercepting. If Trump had tweeted out my phone calls and my information have been intercepted they would not be able to deny it. they’re all lawyers. Are you guys telling me you love lawyers too. (People saying, back it up.)

Again, both Doug Porter (who had the links at his column Wed.) and I recommend the Escondido Grapevine’s Duncan Duane Hunter town hall (annotated).

Here’s the video from Indivisible San Diego:


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Posey March 16, 2017 at 10:02 am

My God, he’s nuts!


kim March 16, 2017 at 7:41 pm

this is nothing he introduced the “hearing protection act” to congress… its expressed purpose is to make silencers for firearms cheaper and easier to get like that’s what the country needs


Paul Dugas March 17, 2017 at 10:31 am

perhaps he is pro 2nd Amendment and shooting can and does cause hearing loss. If u don’t agree with it then don’t buy a gun. But don’t infringe on the Constitutional rights of others because u disagree


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