”Re-review” of Pure Thai and Vegetarian Cuisine

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Red curry. Photos by Judi Curry

”Re-review” of
Pure Thai and Vegetarian Cuisine
3704 Voltaire
San Diego, CA 92107

In my quest to revisit restaurants that I reviewed in the past, Hitomi, my student from Japan and I were out shopping and decided that we wanted to eat Thai food for dinner instead of coming home and cooking. Since we were at Stumps, it was just a natural to turn the corner and enjoy a meal at the “Pure Thai” restaurant.

In looking over my review of November 20, 2013 I rated it very high, and was curious to see if it would appeal in the same way now as it did then. Another former student of mine had eaten there about six months ago and said she had chunks of plastic in her food, and would never eat there again. I know from experience that accidents can happen in the kitchen, but I must admit I entered with a jaundiced eye.

My fears were for naught, because our experience was a good one.

The menu is extensive – 16 appetizers ranging from $4.95-8.75, with garlic edamame the least expensive and lettuce wraps the highest price. There are 4 soups, from $4.50-5.95 for a cup and $9.95-13.95 for a hot pot. Nine entrees are offered, ranging from $9.95-13.95; there are eight Fried Rice/Noodles meals ranging from $9.45-13.95. Additionally, there are 4 Thai curries ($9.95-13.95); three “special curries” – $11.95-15.95; and 13 House Specialties, with a range of $12.95-15.95.


All of the meals are served with white rice and brown rice is available for $1 more. (I’d go for the extra $1.) The prices of the above meals are all dependent on whether you wants your meal served with Assorted Mixed Vegetables, Chicken, Pork or Tofu, Mock Duck with vegetables and tofu, Shrimp, Calamari or Beef, or Assorted Seafood or Fish Fillet.

There are three noodle soups – $9.95-13.95; Seven desserts, ranging from $2.95-6.95. There is also a beverage menu.

Hitomi elected to have the red curry with vegetables and white rice. The curry was cooked with coconut milk, bell peppers, bamboo shoots, eggplant, peas, carrots and basil. She elected to have the spice level at a “4″ out of 10, and said it was hardly spicy at all. I elected not to try it! The cost was $9.95.

I had the Hor-Mok, because that was what I had the last time and wanted to compare them. It consisted of fresh shrimp, calamari, scallops, mussels, bell pepper and Thai Basil. It was stuffed in a young coconut with homemade curry sauce. The cost was $15.95. I chose a “2″ for my spice level and it was perfect. I ordered the brown rice.

A funny aside took place while we were eating. Hitomi recognized one of the waitresses as a student at the same language school that she attends. We briefly talked to her to make sure it was the same person, and it was. A few moments later she came back to the table and presented Hitomi with a Thai Iced Tea, compliments of the house. I was not served anything!

Hitomi said that her red curry was delicious, and we had enough to bring home for dinner the following night. My German student, Nils, had some of it and said he really liked it. It was not too spicy for him.

The mussels on the Hor-Mok were sandy and after the first one I did not have the other 3. Grit is not conducive to a good review. But the shrimp was cooked well; the calamari was soft and tasty; if there were any scallops I did not taste them. The sauce was delightful, and the left-overs was packaged up in the coconut the meal was cooked in. Nils enjoyed that also!

All in all, we were very pleased with our dinner. There was a steady stream of patrons; each was greeted with a smile and told they could sit where they wanted to sit. (We wanted to sit at a table by the door, but it was a cold night and the door was open. The waitress told us to sit there and she’d close the door. Very accommodating.) I also noticed there was a lot of “take-out” and they do offer a delivery service as well. Since they advertise as “Thai and Vegetarian” I did not specifically ask if they were also gluten free. With all the veggies on the menu I believe that would not be a problem.

Our total bill was $29 + a tip. And yes, we would go back again.

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