“I am a Person” – Iconic Photo from San Diego Women’s March

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Saturday, January 21, 2017. Photo by Byron Morton

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Byron January 24, 2017 at 12:19 pm

I took what seems like an iconic photo from the San Diego Women’s March this past Saturday January 21st, 2017.
I have been taking photographs for forty years. Sometimes an image resonates with me long after I press the camera button.
Once in a while, out of hundreds of images, there is one that sums up an event and touches me emotionally.
It dawned on me that this image of the flag draped marchers with the sign “I am a Person” is a contemporary cross between the African American men carrying the “I
am a Man” sign during Memphis sanitation workers strike of 1968 and the 1876 painting by Archibald Willard “The Spirit of ’76” with the drummer and fife player and American flag.
The San Diego marchers in the photograph were draped in the Gay Pride rainbow colors, the Transgender rights flag with lite blue, pink and white colors and the American flag of red, white and blue with white stars.
I found the image evocative.
The marchers expressions, especially the blonde in the middle with head tilted up, teeth together, expresses hope, strength and confidence.
It is followed by the younger flagged draped woman’s eyes expressing a careful consideration or thoughtfulness with just a tinge of weariness of things to come perhaps.
The marchers draped in flags, represent a growing demographic. The photo expresses a feeling for respect, dignity and self-determination.
The sign held up states the obvious about the humanity we all share. I am a person. It is the spirit of San Diego 2017.


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