New Poll: What Are You Going to Do Now that Trump is President-Elect?

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Back in mid September, the OB Rag ran a readers’ poll, titled, “What will you do if Trump is elected president?” and published the results on September 23rd.

The results were interesting but not promising for the future (see below). So we decided to run another poll, now that Trump is president-elect and thousands of Americans have been in the streets protesting since the election.

Poll has been removed.



Our first poll: With 145 respondents to the week-long poll, our initial results were reported thus:

The answers ranged from nearly a third saying they would be celebrating Trump’s election (31%), contrasted with nearly 10% who said they would be joining the “underground resistance”, and where 23% claimed “nothing will change.”

About 38% of those who answered chose options in the poll that expressed some level of negative impact with Trump’s election. Nearly 8% said they would move out of the country (2% to Mexico and 5.5% to Canada).

Another 14% would be mobilized politically against Trump – with an astounding 9.7% of the overall respondents agreeing to the option, “Joint the underground resistance.”

Almost 5% said they would “take to the streets”, meaning demonstrating and protesting.

Nearly 16% agreed with the choice, “go into a deep debilitating depression.”

Finally, over 8% said they would “stay in denial.”


Here is the poll from mid-Sept 2016:

What would you do if Trump Is Elected?

  • Move to Mexico 2.07% – ( 3 votes )
  • Move to Canada 5.52% – ( 8 votes )
  • Take to the streets. 4.83% – ( 7 votes )
  • Join the underground resistance. 9.66% – ( 14 votes )
  • Go into a deep debilitating depression. 15.86% – ( 23 votes )
  • Nothing – nothing will change. 22.76% – ( 33 votes )
  • Celebrate. 31.03% – ( 45 votes )
  • Stay in denial. 8.28% – ( 12 votes )

Poll total votes: 145

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Ivy November 14, 2016 at 3:02 pm

The Democratic Party needs to be re-built in a “Bernie” model, as it (the DNC) actively colluded to trash him he would have been Trump in this year of change. For starters, elect Keith Ellison as head of the DNC to replace the disgraced Donna Brazille. Chuck Chuck Schumer and put in a real progressive to replace him as Minority Leader in the Senate (there are few progressives in that “milionaires club”, granted), and work from the grass roots up to replace “Dem lights’ (such as Scott Peters, who loves/loved the TPP). Get rid of the Wasserman Schultz sort of Dem, and other major housecleaning details. Make it a real party of the FDR that it started out being, not the corporate/Wall Street thing it has become.

As for Trump, Bernie said it best, in my opinion – support him in the good that he is able to do, and be diligent in opposing the bad.


Ivy November 14, 2016 at 3:03 pm

Correction – “He would have BEATEN Trump in this year of change.”


LNMaggard November 15, 2016 at 1:22 am

Nothing, I’m white… mostly.


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