Nelco Properties Breaks Silence – Makes Statement about the Ebers and Greene Project

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ob-torrey-ebers-houseNelco Properties – the developer of the controversial construction project in Ocean Beach at Ebers and Greene Streets has broken its silence over the project and has made a statement to the local press. We reprint it here without edit or comment (From CBS8 News:)

Full Statement on behalf of Nelco Properties:

Nelco Properties is a strong supporter of the Ocean Beach community and its residents. With this project we are working to beautify the community and bring increased home values to the surrounding neighborhood. The project conforms to all required municipal codes, city development regulations, and has obtained all required permits; it has been approved by City and County agencies.

We take our duty as responsible developers seriously and in that vein, we have complied with all regulation necessary to construct this project. To ensure compliance, we have enlisted independent licensed land surveyors to survey the property. They have certified that the height of this structure is within the allowable 30 feet height limit. All components of this project have been stamped, approved and signed-off on by the City of San Diego to move forward with this project.

We take all concerns raised by our neighbors seriously. Working with our neighbors, we have made some modifications to the project and will continue to keep them updated. The project has exceeded historical requirements, with 40 percent reclaimed materials, plus reclaimed flooring, with the goal of matching the Ocean Beach feel and design concepts.

Unfortunately, there have been some individuals who have vandalized the property, harassed and threatened workers, posted slanderous signs, made anonymous death threats via phone and set the project on fire. We are distressed by this behavior and do not wish have violence or criminal activity in Ocean Beach.

Nelco Properties has only the best intentions to help improve the beautiful City of Ocean Beach while following all the proper protocol and regulations necessary. We are making all efforts to work with our OB neighbors and will continue to do so.

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Gregory James Cox October 20, 2016 at 10:31 pm

I’ve owned a house a block away for 30 years. For this flipper to now say that he wants to work with the neighbors is an insult to any of us that have called him out as a scammer, and shown how he has tried to game the system! This is a person that sent a crew down from Vista to try and intimidate the neighbors with threats before there was a spotlight put on the project. Please, carry on with what we talked about at the Town Hall meeting. The only reason he is issuing this release is to try and get out from under getting caught!


Local One October 20, 2016 at 11:44 pm

Yeah, we know, you are in bed with the staff employed at the Developmental Services Department who permit “exceptions” to pretty much any MC building code. Code enforcement is intentionally under-funded in this City and non-existent in San Diego’s beach communities.

Mayor Faulconer (R) and Lori Zapf (R) could address these building code “exceptions” (i.e. violations) easily, but they would appear not to work for those of us that actually live here. Both the Mayor and Lori Zapf are presently too busy helping that other developer Dean Spanos build a downtown Convadium.

Kind of wish both were on the November 8th ballot with Donald Trump (R).


triggerfinger October 21, 2016 at 12:33 am

Well, the entire ob planning board despises it, so I think you missed the “feel and design” of OB. If you really want to beautify OB, you can start by hauling this abortion of a development to the landfill, and go back to Vista.


this guy October 21, 2016 at 8:14 am

You need to fight fire with fire. Vandalizing and protesting won’t do much other than raise your blood pressure. If you want to stop people like this you need to rally all of the people that are good at paper work, hire lawyers (or find some that could donate some of there time), go through all of the details and scrutinize all of the forms and permits required. A fight like this won’t be won or lost in the street it will be won or lost in a court room. This developer is probably playing golf with city officials and laughing at all of this and asking them to have the police drive by more to keep an eye on it.


Dave October 24, 2016 at 9:11 am

If no one stands up on Social Media and organizes against this developer nothing will happen. He is not going to stop and as far as I have seen the guy seems to just get what he wants. From not paying his employees, not having workers comp and taking aesbestos out in the middle of the night, he clearly has no regard for us or the community.


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