Wild and Wooly

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By Sloanranger

ee3db50f2ff31c3e81584d04ee44408be273e4d71cb8184093f7_640_politicsWell here it is, wild and wooly. We thought it was already crazy — obstructional, destructional — dysfunctional to the ‘nth degree. Tea parties, three parties — and the mob finally playing their Trump card. But no trustbusters, not yet – maybe because the trust of the people had long gone, anyway.

Nuclear options, up and down votes, heck, just stop everything. And inside the beltway, the people’s business — or rather lack of it, went on as usual. Our representatives listening only to lobbyists and extremists, corporate paid pundits and media, not much was said about us…to us or for us.

The talking heads blathering on, like nothing’s going on – at first. And then — quelle surprise! Look everyone, at what’s going down… and I do mean down.

Constabulary elections, selections — got a buck, tough luck; try five mill or 20; might buy you a Koch or two … or maybe vice-versa.

Acolytes and accolades, in spades, and for what — promises never kept, some never made. But fat cats, cool in the shade – drinking their very own Kool-Aid.

Pentagon budgets, e-mails or drones- not enough data, heck-lets break into some iphones. Three trillion dollar jets that won’t fly in the rain – that’s kind of, well…insane. Want to disagree – they just might drop one of those freaking drones on your head, right here – in the land of the free.

Keeping score, though, out here – they were so used to their own cocoon inside – they just didn’t want to believe it. Money or lying, budgets or spying – heck, what for, nobody’s even trying anymore and the populace — will — never — know — the — difference. Right?

Way, way, too far right.

And on the horizon to the left, a brass ring…a knight with a Brooklyn accent – a real dragonslayer. A truth teller – go figure…and most certainly, not de rigueur.

How quickly they forget history when you don’t even teach it. Only 217 years ago, in France – ‘off with their heads,’ was not a Disney cartoon or any Wonderland that Alice ever wandered into.

Nosirree Bob — chop chop — and oh what a relief it finally was…

for a while.


This first appeared in our sister online site, the San Diego Free Press.

Vicky Sloan

After returning to college several years ago for further study, VLSloan began writing full time when her work began winning contests. She joined a writing group that was starting up in Chula Vista soon thereafter – the group now known as South Bay Scribes.

A member encouraged Sloan to join a writing site called Wattpad. The site has enabled her to develop a large body of work, including, but not limited to – Short Stories, Serials, varied Poetry Collections and a newly featured mystery Novella called: Arachnia.

Wattpad allows interaction with not only readers, but with other writers and she has been fortunate enough to attain wide readership there. Known as sloanranger on the site, she now focuses her efforts on submissions and locating a Literary Agent. You can find VLSloan and her work by googling: Wattpad.com/sloanranger

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sloanranger March 15, 2017 at 2:50 am

Thank you, OB Rag! I cannot believe I just saw this. Let me know when you want more : )


vera May 11, 2017 at 4:32 pm

Well said!


glynhockey May 15, 2017 at 9:57 am

Well said, this is a wonderful piece.


Shannon Kellie May 17, 2017 at 8:01 pm

“How quickly they forget history when you don’t even teach it”. . . there is such truth there. This expresses that common frustration so many of us have. An entertaining and justifiably disturbing article. Very interesting content. I enjoy these creative and political pieces.


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