Restaurant Review: Kanda Thai Cuisine in the Midway District

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kanda thai jc gingrRestaurant Review:

Kanda Thai Cuisine
3545 Midway Drive #M
San Diego, CA 92110

It seems that I am still celebrating my birthday last week, because my friend Mary wanted to treat me to a special birthday.  I really wanted to have good Chinese food in a restaurant, but could not find any locally that have good reviews.  I had a coupon for the “Kanda Thai” restaurant in the same location that another Thai restaurant was at only six months ago and we decided to try it.  (It is interested to note that our waitress told us that the “Kanda” is owned by the same owner that owned the now defunct “Thai Time II.”)

The coupon stated that it was their “Grand Opening” but when we asked the waitress how long they had been there the answer was six months.  This is important because of several things that occurred during our meal.

Our waitresses – there were two – were very helpful and nice.  During our meal they came over to us several times and asked if everything was alright, and if we needed something else.  There were only six other tables occupied when we arrived; only one when we left and he was paying his bill.

The menu has appetizers ranging from $6.95-$13.95 for the sampler plate.  There are ten different salads, ranging from $4.95-$14.95. There are soups and noodle soups listed separately, ranging from $4.95-$13.50.

The Curry’s range in price from $10.95-$15.95.  The Stir Fried items range in price from $9.95-$14.95, and the more expensive ones are usually a combination. There are 26 different stir fries listed.

kanda thai jc 02Mary had the Panang Curry with tofu.  It was made with panang curry paste, green beans, red pepper, and basil leaves.  It was cooked in a coconut milk base.  The cost was $10.95.  She was asked if she wanted steamed rice or brown rice with it and she chose the steamed rice.

I ordered the Ginger stir fry, with vegetables, fresh ginger, onions, scallions, carrot, celery, and shitake mushrooms. It was listed as $9.95 on the menu.  When asked what kind of rice I wanted I selected brown rice.  After a few minutes, the waitress came back to me and said they were all out of brown rice and wondered if the white rice would be acceptable.

Although both of the entrees were very good, there was not much of it. Both of us finished what we were served, and with the exception of Mary taking one tablespoon of sauce back with her, nothing was left. The feeling that I had was that they gave us big bowls but not much in it.

We were served a large bottle of water upon being seated, but either the water filter was not working or we were just being served San Diego Tap Water.  There was a strong chemical taste and after one sip neither of us had any more.  (Interesting because we each had some form of tea and the same water was probably used.)  I wondered what they did with the water we did not drink.

Over all we were not unhappy with our meal.  What we did have was very tasty.  The fact that I was asked what kind of rice I wanted and then they didn’t have it was a factor that was unfortunate.  And when I was originally served my meal it was not what I had ordered.  The error was found immediately and the Ginger stir fry brought to the table in a few moments.  That made me wonder if they had served me someone else’s order, or if they microwaved my order.  None-the-less, the food was good.

Would I go back?  Probably not.  There are many Thai restaurants in the area now that I would like to try.  The menus are all very similar; the way things are cooked is similar.  There was nothing wrong with the meal; just a little hungry when I left.

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