Frye, Alvarez and Faulconer Lead in OB Rag Poll for San Diego’s Next Mayor

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ballot sampleIn the latest OB Rag poll of our readers on who they’d like to see in San Diego’s mayor seat, Donna Frye, David Alvarez and Kevin Faulconer took the lead.

Of the top three, Donna Frye came out ahead with 26%. David Alvarez had 23%, barely nudging out Kevin Faulconer who received 22%.  Frye – a former City Councilwoman and top contender for mayor a few years ago, was the top choice of all the possible candidates.

Other well-known Democrats were in the single-digits, with Toni Atkins with 7%, Lorena Gonzalez at 4% and Nathan Fletcher at 1%.

Donna FryeNine percent of respondents chose somebody else not in the poll. 8% said it was too soon to know or care, or who stated they were not voting.

Overall, Democrats garnered 62% while Republicans received 23%.

The poll was taken by 125 readers and was up for about a week. It was not scientific, was voluntary, but did measure the mayoral choices of our readers – a decidedly liberal base, but not entirely as Faulconer, a Republican, obtained nearly a quarter of all votes.

David AlvarezEven though Donna Frye won this survey – and has won others – she is unfortunately unlikely to throw her weathered surfers cap into the ring. That leaves David Alvarez and other well-known Dems to face off with Kevin Faulconer in 2016 – the presumed Republican candidate.

Somewhat surprising were the low numbers of Democrats Toni Atkins, Speaker of the California Assembly, and Lorena Gonzalez, an Assemblywoman who has been in the news of late due to the passage of a number of her bills. Nathan Fletcher appears to be totally rejected by the Rag’s liberal base, by Republicans and Independents as well. (In hindsight, perhaps Todd Gloria’s name should have been on the polling list.)

Kevin Faulconer Fox-News-screenshot.Of the choices, 2% chose “Some other independent”, 1% each chose “Some other Democrat” and “Some other Republican”. It appears that 5% chose “other” – but the poll did not display who those “others” were.

One choice was “Too soon to decide or care” – which received 6%, and one choice was “Will not or cannot vote” – which received 2%.


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