Update on Fatal Police Shooting in Midway Area

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hancock adult alley

Fatal police shooting occurred in this alley off Hancock Street.

San Diego’s local NBC affiliate, 7SanDiego, has a videotaped interview with a man who saw surveillance footage of the recent fatal police shooting in the Midway area and quotes him as saying,

“This guy shouldn’t have been shot based on what I saw on the video.”

“This was wrong,” the unidentified man said, who works across the alley where the shooting occurred on last Thursday, April 30. He said in the newsvideo:

This guy shouldn’t have been shot based on what I saw on the video. The guy was walking, just normal, lazical lazy walking. If he (the officer) said ‘stop’, that’s all he said. He just opened the door, and said ‘stop’ and shot.”

“It was a quick shooting that shouldn’t have taken place. There was no aggressive action by the other guy. Even if the cops said ‘stop,’ that doesn’t mean shoot right then, and that’s all the time he had from the time he stopped the car and opened the door, was to say stop and then shoot. There’s no three or four seconds to say it again. I was just stop the car, open the door, stop, shoot.”

7SanDiego reported:

The man, who does not want to be identified, works in a building across the alley from the Highlight Book Store on the 3200 block of Hancock Street. He says the video clip is about 30-seconds long and has no audio. The surveillance footage has since been turned over to police.

This was the incident where a 911-caller said a a man with a knife was threatening him at an adult book store on Hancock Street. The man was later identified as Fridoon Zalbeg Rawshannehad, 42, of San Diego. When San Diego police officer Neal N. Browder responded he saw a man with a matching description as the subject of the call in the alley next to the store. According to police, Browder gave a verbal command or commands to Rawshannehad, but he advanced on the officer who then shot him to death.

The body-camera Browder was wearing either was not turned on or did not record. The other update in the case, is that there was no knife found, but a knife sheaf was found. The police are continuing their investigation.



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Ron Milford May 9, 2015 at 9:58 am

Disturbing for several reasons. No non-lethal means to subdue attempted, no body cam footage, no weapon found. Shoot first, kill, ask questions later? Scary stuff!


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