Hold on to Freedom

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War-on-TerrorSBy Bob Dorn / San Diego Free Press

Freedom. A word we don’t hear lately, cheated of life by politicians who told us that’s what wars are for.

After all those wars fought in its name, did we lose the concept, freedom? What took its place? Hate? Maybe that’s what’s left.

We’ve been suffocated by war; our culture is dying from it. Road rage is normal. The military mails advanced war games to little boys whose memories of all those explosions can be tickled once they reach 18, all ready for the next “conflict.” War is just a digital metaphor, a collection of remote buttons until they’re turned into launcher’s buttons.

Yipeee… they’re all gonna die, is that what Country Joe sang? Nope, he said, we’re all gonna die.

Now, take a look at some other lyrics, apparently written by Brian Auger for his 1972 cover of Eddie Harris’ immortal anthem, “Freedom Jazz Dance.”

“You-oo, got to get together/If you wanna make a life that’s better.

Hold on/Hold on to Freedom/Other people don’t but we just don’t need ‘em.

Run. Any way you can run/Don’t let trouble down ya.’

Let the Freedom run/Get that feelin’ inside ya’.”

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