Little League Coach Prevents Bizarre Kidnap Attempt at Robb Field – Suspect Arrested

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Scott Hedenkamp - coach

Coach Scott Hedenkamp

A story is emerging that on Feb. 20th, a little league coach at Robb Field prevented a very bizarre kidnapping attempt of a 7-year boy by a man who was later arrested by police.

Coach Scott Hedenkamp is reported to have placed his body in between the boy and a man later identified as Jarrod West to prevent West from grabbing the boy. The incident occurred during little league practice at the OB park.

Hedenkamp told NBC7 that he noticed a guy watching one of his players and was pacing back and forth while the team practiced. The stranger was watching the boy from behind home plate, and according to the coach, actually joined the team on the ballfield.

Hedenkamp said that the guy repeatedly said:

“‘That’s my boy. That’s my son. C’mon let’s go. It’s time to go home.’”

But the unidentified boy told the coach:

“‘Coach, that’s not my dad.’”

 Police were called and they arrested the 28-year old West at Robb Field for attempted kidnapping and resisting a police officer..  He was arraigned on Feb. 25th and has a hearing on March 6th.

Probably freaked out, the boy at the center of West’s attention was not physically harmed.

The incident did freak other families in the area, so Brian Burgess, the president of Peninsula Little League, sent out messages to other leagues in town.  Burgess told the media:

“It takes a village. Everyone around here, no matter what league you’re in or what school you play for, you need to watch the kids.”

News source:  NBC


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Amy March 5, 2014 at 11:41 am

Way to go Coach!


OB Dude March 6, 2014 at 8:15 am

Based on the information on line for Booking Nbr: 14712527 it’s Jarred Dwayne West not “Jarrod”


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