Word to the Wise: Week of October 3, 2013

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Tarot measure potsBy Kelsey Lynore / Tarot Nook

Each week, Kelsey throws a “What to do?” spread for each of the zodiac signs. The first card is shown and the other two… well, you’ll just have to infer them from the written forecasts. Mind the heads up and have a lovely week!


Stay flexible, Aries. Be humble, be nimble, and remain open to the various information threads that will be weaving their way into your life this week. You haven’t heard them before. And therein lies the danger. For while you are possessed of a big idea and only too eager to make progress on it, various messengers (like, real people) will be communicating to you, slowing you down, and confusing your aims… before bailing. Let them! The temporary confusion will ultimately have a grounding effect on your project. This is no time to act like a know-it-all. You need these quick communiqués.


Whoa there, Taurus! Hold up! Back off! We all know that you’re a diligent workhorse who gets the job done. You’re Fixed Earth for heaven’s sake — You don’t have anything to prove. Only sometimes it’s not labor that’s required. Nor study. Nor struggle. Nor strife. Sometimes you just have to let go. This is the same base card that you got last week and it represents an ending without rebirth. A death in one part of your life that is just that. Dead. Blame is irrelevant. So is effort. Better to release and start anew in a completely fresh domain than to continue to kick a dead horse. And that’s good news, because it means you are free!


You are feisty. You are fiery. You’re the boss. So why are you bending your own ear in deference to some big-daddy-patriarchal construct? Why are you contemplating taking lessons from an established authority who must surely be standing on its last legs thanks to the ongoing Pluto/Uranus square? Look, you don’t need to be suffering the counsel of a has-been institution. On the contrary, you should be teaching them! So this week, make no apologies and don’t ever bend your knees to curtsy or kneel or pray. You call the shots. We need you to lead, Gemini. We need you to teach!


You’re stable, Cancer. Indeed, you’re something of a master. As such, it’s high time you stopped anticipating the feelings, motivations, and sensitivities of others and struck out on your own. You’ve had a cause that’s been niggling at you, a hankering that’s been kept under wraps, a seed that’s been gestating. It’s time to let it sprout. And pay no mind to what the public might think, as let’s be real: they’re hardly the arbiters of good taste and just causes. Trust me, you’re ready. And you’re safe. So hunker down and make like a mad scientist. Only your assured, strident independence will do this week. I mean, seriously — Who cares what the heathens think?


Not all good things are meant to last, which doesn’t mean that they’re not really, really good. Actually, scratch that. Nothing lasts, not even mountains and stars, so what hope is there for the human heart? Chances are you’d like to prolong a recent dalliance, Leo. But it’s expiration date has come to pass and that’s OK. Better, this encounter with love has had the effect of the tornado in the Wizard of Oz. It picked you up, whisked you elsewhere, and dropped you in a whole other realm. Should Dorothy mourn the tornado? Well, then neither should you. Rich opportunities await and you need to take charge of them. Don’t wallow over what was. Be grateful that it got you to where you are now. It’s a very good place to be. Promise.


You’re framing your life as an either/or proposition. And worse, you’re struggling to beat your own deadline. Why, Virgo? I know that you’re all vim and vigor for a new endeavor, but that doesn’t mean that you have to abandon everything but that endeavor. Nor should your enthusiasm result in a feeling of being always already late. You’re putting yourself under unnecessary duress. Your base card is the same, and like Mars in your 12th (which I think it reflects), it doesn’t suit you one bit. So please, slow down, be nice, and pursue your aims wisely. If you don’t feel better by next week, you will in two. Oh, and that new project? It is truly awesome. But so is the rest of your life. Don’t botch it all up by being unconsciously hasty.


Are you satisfied that you’re doing the “right thing,” Libra? Do you feel responsible, stable, and errr… silent? But where did you go? Is this the “new you”? Your cards for the week remind me of the NY Dolls’ “Personality Crisis,” indicating that you might find yourself having “to contradict all those times you butterflied about.” But you’ll only make it worse by doing so. It’s just more flip-flop and “you was butterflies!” Better to own it and do what you think is best than fake a stability that you do not feel. Better to be a slow, uncertain independence than too hastily adopt the dictates of another.


If you’re feeling the urge to pull away this week, perhaps you should, Scorpio. It would appear that one era of your life has most definitely drawn to a close. And while your social milieu might be pushing you to celebrate, you’re feeling disgusted, over-burdened, and over-saturated. You can say “when.” You can sit this week out. If not in body then at least psychologically. The celebration can wait. Because ultimately, it’s an assault of information that you’re not presently capable of coping with, much less enjoying. So why bother? Allow yourself to ebb and you’ll be ready to flow before you know it. But as you’re already feeling a bit numb, acknowledge that some gains can be losses and let that be OK for now.


It’s time to stop playing it so loose, Sadge. It’s time to distinguish your needs from your wants. It’s time to acknowledge the very real love that you have for another. What might have started as an innocent romp of a fling is about to get serious. Which is to say, if you were to lose a special connection now, it would hurt like hell. You realize that means you’re blessed, right? Prepare to awaken to yourself, another, and a future that includes commitment. It shan’t hurt. On the contrary, you’ll find this new state of affairs to be at once cleansing and healing, allowing you to leave past guilt behind. It’s a bit like a baptism, Prepare to transcend this week. And congratulations!


Although this may not be the easiest week for you, it certainly will be successful! Errrr…. well…. only if you actively make it a successful week. You’re in the driver’s seat on this one, Capricorn. You can either kick back and cruise, thereby seeming successful but potentially losing substantial turf. Or you can get in the ring and fight, thereby seeming like a mere contender until you’re genuinely victorious. As a Cardinal Earth sign, I expect you know which has true value. So fight, fight, fight! Because this game is all yours as long as you’re willing to play it. And who cares how sweaty and bloody you get in the interim? You can buy some gauze and fancy soaps with your prize money. Play to win, little Cappie. Play to win.


Some fights are rigged. And some people are bullies. It’s best to identify these immediately and get the hell out of dodge than to waste your time trying to reason with the unreasonable. This week speaks about a lesson in boundaries, Aquarius. And the boundaries you need to work on are your own. Sure, you could collapse into a puddle of sadness, but then you’d be missing the point entirely. Further, I can promise you that the circumstance isn’t worth even one of your tears. There’s nothing to mourn. Nothing to analyze. Nothing to blame yourself for. However, a distinction between you and another should most definitely be made.


Woo! You’re the third sign to get the same base card as last week, so don’t feel alone here, Pisces. We’re all struggling with some long drawn-out issue, like a protracted hangover. In your case, you need to trust your own judgment. You need to own your rationality. Yes, you read that right! You are rational! And don’t let anyone tell you differently. But here’s the thing — There’s a group of people who already respect your opinion and celebrate your intelligence. Seek them out instead of endeavoring to create all on your lonesome. Not only will this strengthen your own self-worth but you’ll contribute a great deal of knowledge to them. Come together with the right people, and your intellectual labors will be emotionally fruitful.

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