Word to the Wise: Week of October 10, 2013

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Tarot measure potsBy Kelsey Lynore / The Tarot Nook

Each week, Kelsey throws a “What to do?” spread for each of the zodiac signs. The first card is shown and the other two… well, you’ll just have to infer them from the written forecasts. Mind the heads up and have a lovely week!


As the winds of change blow and howl at you door, you may be realizing the extent of your influence only at the very moment that it feels the most challenged by circumstance. Never mind those paltry winds; they’re always kicking up a ruckus. And never mind the heft of your own authority nor the degree to which it is threatened. The only questions that you need to be asking yourself this week are — What is right? What is good? What is fair? And what is just? So long as you hold these most noble aims in the forefront of your mind, you need not fear a thing, Aries.


You hear those people wailing outside your walls, Taurus? That’s proof you’ve built your church on holy land. OK. That analogy’s a bit harsh, but true, if you can see the lighter side of historicized/contested sites. You are sitting on something akin to a “pet semetary,” only it’s being used to your own divine aims. Don’t apologize. And don’t try to find a happy medium between the old and new. You herald a fresh chapter of myth and storytelling and, like the phoenix which arises from ashes, your church shall truly be the most illuminated and positive force in all the lands. It is possible. Congratulations!


Independence. Intuition. Influence. Education. Let these be the four pillars structuring your week ahead, Gemini. For while you’re feeling the very real limits of your financial circumstance, and perhaps even the demands of dependent family members (I’m thinking children, specifically), you can’t permit these constraints and anxieties to back you into a corner. And that’s where you’re at psychologically, right? A neither/nor proposition which makes you feel stuck? Allow your most wise self to take the driver’s seat and repeat after me — Independence, intuition, influence, and education. These are your guiding principles this week. For extra credit, you can also lie under the stars and open yourself up to the growing Moon.


A little, bitty tear let me down. Spoiled my act as a clown…” Let no Cancer utter these words in the week which comes! Indeed, consider Burl Ives part of the ‘don’t let this happen to you’ club. We need you to be fearless and wild, little crab. We need you to saunter ever so casually right up to the edge of that cliff we all call reality. And then — We need you to perform a magic trick. A feat of daring so bold you shift our entire frame of reference. Come on. Be that superhero, and let no tears, no fears, and no shame cause those graceful knees to knock. I know, at your worst, you lean towards a high functioning agoraphobia. I know you have many reasons to cry and worry. But this week, we need your chin up and your eyes bright!


Are you feeling taken for granted yet, Leo? Unheard? Under appreciated? Perhaps even objectified? While the sensitivity of your heart is rarely given the attention and credit that it so merits, this is not the week to wallow in it. Better to follow that sensitive heart in the direction that it is so forcefully leading you. Issues of property and ownership are beside the point, even if they sting. Rather, the real cause this week is the edict which you are preparing to issue and the swiftness with which you must issue it. Let it come straight from the heart, and then… let the chips fall where they may.


Oi, Virgo: You’ve got some big ideas concerning how things ought to be. Obviously, this is hardly a new state of mind. But as you are so much more stable than you’re inclined to acknowledge, or even comprehend, could I persuade you to cast off your Utopian shackles? They’re preventing you from appreciating yourself. You are talented. You are supported. And you have more raw potential than you know what to do with. Others see it. They’re probably even a smidge jealous. But until you drop your big ideas over what should be, you’ll never see how awesome things are. The world is waiting for the application of your unique gifts. Quit fault-finding long enough to see the plethora of materials at your disposal.


Take a time out this week, Libra. You have every reason to. More than that, you need the downtime to process a recent heartbreak. You’re about to be reborn as someone else; a true rebirth wherein the consciousness (in this case, yours) becomes genuinely ‘other.’ Your reminiscences, therefore, won’t be what you’re feeling in the future. So take the time to mourn and go through the pain to reach the other side. Wallow in your own morass. It will be healing and cleansing. And whoever might tell you to slap on a happy face and jump into a new project pronto — Ignore them! That goes double if you’re the one hounding yourself. Your creativity will rise again. Just give it time to come up with something genuinely new.


You’re dealing with a serious social calender this week, Scorpio. And as might be expected, there will be allies and there will be foes. Careful, though! For the person who should be your ally will most likely oppose you, and the stodgy, old fuddy-duddy who you might expect to utter: ‘Kids today!” will most solidly have your back. So here’s the scene — You’re the fresh, young upstart with bold ideas. Your creativity is giving way to a certain buzz. People of note are noting you, including a patriarchal figure who should see you as his/her natural heir. S/he doesn’t. S/he’s threatened. So seek your ally in the traditionalist.


Yes, Sadge, you’ve reached a new plateau in your development. Congratulations! But don’t don your crown and begin your benevolent reign over your new and vast territories just yet. You don’t fully understand those territories. They need to be explored and then mastered. Or to put this another way — You still have to cultivate your territories, and to the extent that you don’t yet fully understand them, that will take some patience, diligence, and loving attentiveness/experiment. Don’t get me wrong — You will reign benevolently yet! But first you need a thorough lay of the land. I think you’ll find this new terrain demands that you work with it, as opposed to upon it.


Ignore your inner calling, Capricorn. Ignore that voice that’s telling you to do A, B, C so as to arrive at point D, because the bottom line is, you may very well be barred from accessing point D. It stings to have the very group that should be most accommodating be the very group that excludes you, but perhaps you need to allow “you” to change. Let yourself drift. Trudge onward into the great unknown. Release your need for creature comforts. And temporarily abandon hope of a concrete destination. You’ll get to where you need to go, but you must first acknowledge that you don’t know where that is.


Time to speak truth to power, Aquarius. And if you’re worried that such an honest and rational outpouring will see you sitting all by your lonesome in the not too distant future — Fear not! For you are absolutely correct! The trick this week is to get yourself comfortable with the prospect of being alone, and even, occasionally, lonely. Better silence than nonsense, right? So get yourself all puffed up psychologically and then crow until you’re hoarse. You won’t be losing an ally, you’ll be losing a foe. A foe with whom you’ve become far too close. The weight of oppression helps no one. You can lose yours. Please do.


Draw a bath, Pisces. Strip. Get in. Exhale. And then — “Wash that (wo)man right out of your hair.” Yes. A lesser being who is very much in your own image is harping at you. It’s gone on long enough. Flick them off and away. Deliver them with a curt and concise dismissal that is sure to send them packing and be done with it. You need not argue and you need not squabble. Indeed, the whole point of this exercise is to finally stop arguing and squabbling. All of their tools, you bequeathed unto them. All of their logic was taught to them by you! So this shouldn’t be too difficult. You simply pull rank. Then rinse and repeat.

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