Kevin Faulconer and the Republicans Really Don’t Want Liberal Voters at the Beach to Vote for Nathan Fletcher

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Faulconer anti-fletch 03by Frank Gormlie

It’s very clear – Kevin Faulconer really doesn’t want you – the liberal voter at the beach – to vote for Nathan Fletcher.  Faulconer, of course, is OB’s current City Councilperson and sole Republican candidate for mayor of all San Diego.  And of course, Nathan Fletcher is one of his Democratic opponents.

Two recent, slick campaign fliers have recently hit the beach area and tell the story.

One of them shouts out that “Nathan Fletcher is a trusted conservative.” as a quote from liberal nemesis, Karl Rove.  Natch, there’s also a nice color photo next to the quote showing Fletcher and Rove standing together – and Karl has a huge smile.

Faulconer anti-fletch backaddSo, get the picture so far? Up at the return address, you see “Paid for by The Lincoln Club of San Diego County”, and think, okay, the Lincoln Club is generally a pro-business GOP group and they just want you to know that Fletcher is indeed “a trusted conservative.”

You turn over the glossy flier and see this: the back end of a big, ol’ truck with half dozen right-wing bumper stickers plastered all over it.  There’s (clockwise) a McCain – Palin sticker, a pro-NRA sticker, a Romney one, a Bush-Cheney relic from 2004, it has a nice touch with a Randy Duke Cunningham sticker looking a bit torn, also the GOP elephant logo, and finally a Meg Whitman one from 2010.   In case, you’re missing the point, the truck  has a California license plate that says simply “FLETCHER”.

Faulconer anti-Fletr front02The top of the flier screams: “Where is Fletcher?” accompanied by the answer just below, “Hiding from his Extreme Right-Wing Record.”

Whoa, you might add. What is this?  And then you read the talk balloon coming out of  the driver’s side window – obviously supposed to be Nathan; and it says:

“I stood and voted for an all-cuts budget, not one that reduced welfare but one that eliminated it.”

We’re told that this was stated by Fletcher at the GOP party in 2012.

It’s clear that whoever published this flier really doesn’t want you to vote for Nathan Fletcher because he’s way too conservative, – “extreme right-wing” even.  Is this a liberal advocacy group putting this out? The ACLU? Disgruntled Democrats?  The Alvarez camp?

Faulconer flier 2013 front02Then you check out the second flier – also very glossy and slick with lots of color. On one side you have a large, smiling image of Kevin Faulconer – obviously outside with the sun’s glow on his broad forehead and checks, collar unbuttoned.  The headline gives the message: Kevin is a streets guy. You’re told, “Kevin’s Plan for Street Repairs: Fix Them NOW.” With the “now” underlined.

Next to the photo are the stats: “more than 100 miles of city streets already repaved. with hundreds more to go.” Sounds like Kevin was out there himself, shovel in hand, fixing those potholes.

“$76 million in funding identified than can only be used for streets.” Did Kevin find this money all by himself?

Faulconer flier 2013 back02At any rate, turning the flier over, you see another photo of Kevin, this one he’s sitting down and talking to a nice couple.  Are they constituents? Staff members?

We’re told that Kevin has “a plan to fix them now,” – the streets.

Okay, you understand this flier.  Kevin Faulconer is the ‘go-t0-guy’ for street repairs. You glance up to see who sent it to you and you read “San Diegans to Protect Jobs & the Economy”. That’s a mouthful for the name of any group.

You’re about to throw the fliers on the table when you take another glance at the addresses.  And then you see it.  Both fliers came from the same return address – the “7185 Navajo Road Suite P” San Diego address.

Both fliers are published by the same people and the same PAC – just different names. The Lincoln Club, San Diegans to Protect Jobs blah blah blah … Same folks. And they really don’t want you to vote for Fletcher.

These are Republicans, doubtlessly.  They’ve done their homework.  They know that a lot of liberals, progressives, independents – and Democrats – live and vote at the beach, who live in the 92107 zone. If they can’t get your vote for Kevin’s conservative policies, then at least they can get you to vote for someone they think Kevin can beat.

Faulconer fliers addThis is politics these days.  A politician figures out who her or his most formidable opponent would be in the general election, and then tries to manipulate opposition voters into voting for a lesser opponent, in an effort to force the weaker one in the run-off.

San Diegan Republicans have taken polls.  From their results, they believe Faulconer would have an easier campaign against David Alvarez – or Aguirre – in the general election, and those same polls tell them that Kevin would have a harder time against Fletcher in the general.

This is why Republicans and Faulconer don’t want you to vote for “conservative” Fletcher. They think they can beat Alvarez but perhaps not Fletcher in the run-off.

Now, Fletcher is no more “conservative” than Faulconer. Probably less so these days.  Fletcher at least says he likes unions.  Yes, Fletcher used to be a Republican. We’re aware of his “metamorphoses”.

Faulconer is much more of a traditional GOP’er, anti-union, pro-managed competition, pro-outsourcing basic municipal services kind of guy.

Faulconer you can say is a mild-mannered version of Carl DeMaio. They both sing from the same hymn book, just have different voices.

Faulconer has a new TV ad out these days with former mayor Jerry Sanders smiling and espousing Kevin’s virtues.  Jerry Sanders? His term as mayor is nothing to be proud about – talk about Sunroad – do you recall the REAL Sunroad scandal? Sanders wanted to shut down our libraries and rec centers. It was under Sanders that the City started having problems with maintaining the police force.

It’s now very apparent where these fliers are coming from. Don’t fall for them. Don’t be manipulated.

We’re not advocating for Fletcher here but just wanted to note the current and sleazy tactics that we see during this “Special Mayor Election”.

Oh, yeah, Kevin can claim he knows nothing about any of this.


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OB Joe October 22, 2013 at 12:18 pm

Saw those flyers. Damn! Lots of money out there – the flyers cost a bundle. Why not take some of that money Kevin and fix some potholes.


Tyler October 22, 2013 at 12:19 pm

Faulconer will win by default. Fletcher and Alvarez have fractured the Democratic vote. The party heads should be ashamed of themselves for their work over the last couple years.


Frank Gormlie October 22, 2013 at 12:24 pm

The party heads have changed over the last year. At least the very top, from Jess Durfee to ………


Tyler October 22, 2013 at 4:35 pm

Regardless of change, they’ve done a poor job. I just don’t see any other outcome but a Faulconer win.


politicksports October 22, 2013 at 12:20 pm

Aren’t you by republishing these flyers also promoting Faulconer and his cronies?


John P. Falchi October 22, 2013 at 1:16 pm

Thanks, Frank, for revealing the well-funded duplicity that the Republican campaign is, already, using to try to spin the special election their way.


gailpowell October 22, 2013 at 3:42 pm

Kevin Faulconer is a nice guy but he is an empty suit and a troll for the downtown interests. I will never forget when he agreed to drop out of the Mayor’s race in 2012, to help D.A. Bonnie Dumanis secure more Republican supporters. In exchange, the Dirty D.A. promised Faulconer a cushy job in her “mayoral administration,” since he was being termed out of the City Council and still wanted to feed at the tax-payer’s trough. So much for that one, Kevin. No thanks to the whole bunch! Frank Gormlie should run for Mayor!


Dan Shay October 22, 2013 at 5:38 pm

Frank Gormlie for Mayor!


David Secor October 22, 2013 at 9:10 pm

Jess Durfee and the high-profile (note the vast majority of them are from OUTSIDE the city) Dems who endorsed the empty (but very expensive) suit Fletcher over a real Democrat, David Alvarez, show they have no personal integrity, no shame in abandoning basic Democratic Party values, no hesitation in damaging the campaign of the true progressive Alvarez and, worst of all, adding totally unwarranted credibility to Fletcher in the eyes of some Dem voters, which could make the difference in the primary.
Even saying that the sociopath Fletcher is a Democrat is preposterous, yet professional BSers do it without blinking! – Durfee, et al: “Are you going to believe us, or your lyin’ eyes?
Bruce Coons now endorses Alvarez. Mike Aguirre should, too. Maybe the Democrats can still win despite their betrayal by SOME of the party’s self-obsessed area whos (Gonzalez,Vargas, Diaz, Hueso, Peters, etc.) and supposed shot-callers like Durfee and the ignorant high-profile Dems in Sacramento he somehow convinced to publicly endorse Fletcher – Gavin Newsome???!!!!! Incredible, laughable, pathetic.


Tyler October 23, 2013 at 6:36 am

There isn’t a primary in this special election, just a majority vote needed.


Desde la Logan October 23, 2013 at 8:57 am

Wrong. If no one gets 5o% +1 then the top two battle it out.


Tyler October 23, 2013 at 10:31 am

Did you read my response correctly? I said a majority vote is needed (50.1%) to win. If not, it’s a runoff.


mark October 22, 2013 at 11:46 pm

Bottom line-a vote fot Alvarez is a vote for Faulkener. Unfortunately OB will play right into their hands. Alvarez does not stand a chance in a run off with Faulkner. The cheeseball Flyer proves that the Republicans think the people of OB are idiots. Shameful


Miguel G October 23, 2013 at 8:10 am

Jess Durfee was the Party Chairman back when former Assemblywoman Lori Saldaña alerted the local Democratic Party about sexual harassment allegations against Bob Filner.

“I blew the whistle on this two years ago to the Democratic Party leadership,” former Assemblywoman Lori Saldaña said.

Either the local Party was negligent in their due diligence when investigating the allegations or they did not want to believe it. I think it was the latter and the local Party’s endorsement is suspect.


David Secor October 23, 2013 at 6:48 pm

The Dem Party county central committee voted 40-21 for Alvarez over Fletcher because most on the committee knew Alvarez is beyond question a better choice for mayor. (In full disclosure,I’m on the central committee.)
But the power brokers, Durfee, et al, don’t pay any attention to their central committee. They know Alvarez is the best candidate, but getting him elected would require them to work hard, and they’d rather sit on their asses and push current poll leader Fletcher.
Most dopes, even in OB, think an endorsement by Brown or Newsome, who know NOTHING about the Dem candidates, or San Diego issues, is a big deal.
It shouldn’t be, but it is, because most folks are lazy, virtually clueless themselves – won’t take 15 minutes to look into the background and political history of a candidate, who the big money people are that own the guy, etc. They just read the polls, see a few things on TV and will go with an empty suit like Fletcher because he’s leading another empty suit like Falconer.
Alvarez’ supporters are working very hard to get out the vote and may surprise in November. Though no doubt difficult, the mayoral final would be winnable, if fellow Dems like Durfee and friends had not decided to forget principles, follow the polls and dig a shallow grave for Alvarez months earlier.


Ed Harris October 24, 2013 at 9:36 am

Great. You voted to support a candidate that likely won’t go the distance. I am a big fan of Alvarez, but I am also a realist. You played into the GOP plan. This race reminds me of Custer’s Last Stand. The GOP has baited you and now you’re running full speed into a slaughter. Do not be fooled. A vote for Alvarez is a vote for Faulconer.

Vote Fletcher


David Secor October 24, 2013 at 7:33 pm

Great. You’ll vote for a candidate who is owned by Irwin Jacobs, whose entire history is with big money and the extreme right, has no core values, has always opposed the interests of working people, has name recognition only because he’s been rejected as a Republican (not because he wasn’t a right wing extremist – check his state assembly record), rejected as an Independent and then switched to Dem because his master, super-rich Dem Jacobs made a deal with Durfee and other insiders to pimp for Fletcher and get some party bigs’ endorsements.
Stop with the “I’m a big fan of Alvarez, but” BS. You’re just a Fletcher groupie.

And you’ve mislabeled yourself. You’re not a realist, you’re a weak-kneed fatalist too lazy to work for the best candidate and trying to make your feelings of personal impotence and fatalism seem somehow positive virtues.

Don’t be fooled. A vote for Fletcher is a vote for Faulconer. Theirs is a distinction without a difference. Both would continue the corruption that has been the SD mayor’s M.O. for many years. Neither has anything to offer that benefits the people of the city.

Vote for Fletcher, but don’t try to convince Democrats who actually have a spine, and a brain, that they are suckers and that you’re backing Fletcher because you’re intelligent and see things they don’t. You’re just too lazy to work for the best candidate because he’s not currently a frontrunner. You won’t break a sweat if it’s not considered a sure thing, so you just roll over.
That’s your choice.
Although Jess Durfee is the leading judas goat in this operation, I’m sure he appreciates your standing in for him here.


David Secor October 24, 2013 at 10:13 am

Most in the party central committee did not know Saldana went to Durfee with those allegations. Durfee is solely responsible for not acting on them.
Lori is a thoughtful person of real integrity, not self-obsessed, driven by personal ambition, or owned by big money contributors. As such, she has always been susceptible to other Dems who have those negative attributes (e.g., Dem Scott Peters loaned his own campaign $1.25 million late in the race to narrowly beat Saldana in last year’s D-52 congressional primary race).
Regarding the mayoral race, Saldana (who was almost a candidate herself and would have been my first choice) endorsed David Alvarez, as did candidate Bruce Coons (an excellent, if unknown mayoral candidate himself) and locals Donna Frye, Marti Emerald, and Toni Adkins.
Durfee and Peters endorsed Fletcher.
In short, the PARTY (real people who are Democrats) is more like Saldana herself. Both have been, and are being, victimized by the dealings of a powerful few in the party for whom lack of personal integrity, self-obsession, personal ambition and big money contributors are what their politics is all about.
If Fletcher is in the runoff as expected, as a Democrat I would stay home rather than vote for him simply because he suddenly has a (D) after his name.

There is supposed to be a difference between Dem and GOP candidates. For the LONG TERM, real Democrats, who believe a difference is critical if the label “Democrat” is to have any meaning at all, will be much better off if they help to END Fletcher’s political career NOW.


Ed Harris October 27, 2013 at 9:16 pm

At least we agree on Faulconer. Your opinion is exactly why the country, state and city are not moving forward. It’s all or nothing, no compromise, no meet in the middle, no vote on the issue. Sometimes the Right has it correct; sometimes the Left is correct. Lots of times they are both wrong, but are afraid to do the correct thing because of the “Party.” I am well aware of the issue with Durfee and Saldana. I am no fan of Durfee, but I am a fan of Saldana. Not because of rumor or your rhetoric, but because of my own experience with them. As a former Marine, I appreciate a leader that will stand up and vote against the powers that be. I can assure you, I am neither weak in the knees or lazy.

“If Fletcher is in the runoff as expected, as a Democrat I would stay home rather than vote for him simply because he suddenly has a (D) after his name.”
Thats the spirit. Give up, take your ball and go home, throw your sucker in the dirt because you didn’t get your way. Stay home and bury your face in the pillow.


Jeffeck October 23, 2013 at 3:30 pm

The point is moot. From day one after the writing was on the wall for Filner… Fletcher wins the whole thing. Polls prove it so far… He is picking up endorsements that count like the Governor. Watch… Only dirty tricks stop him. It’s what all in the know really wanted all along. A soft mushy middle man.

These kinds of “Operation Chaos” style mailers will become much more common since the people of California had the “wisdom” to vote in open primaries. Even though this is a supposedly non partisan race, this is sunshine and lollipops compared to the misinformation sh*t storm we will face in partisan primaries.


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