Channel 10 News Tracks Down the Widder Curry for Posting Photo of Herself and Bob Filner

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Judi Curry Filner Ch10 8-27-13 Editor: Ever since our Widder Curry posted an article with a photo taken showing her next to Bob Filner at a Point Loma Democratic Club party two days after his resignation, abc’s Channel 10 News has been searching for Judi, calling her “the mystery woman”.  They news channel didn’t try very hard. The Widder Curry never received a call, although the OB Rag received two emails trying to reach her. But the “breathless” nature of this “investigative news report” leaves us breathless. They did finally track the Widder down and conducted an interview with her featured under their headline:

Woman talks to 10News about photo taken with Bob Filner two days after resignation speech

Filner attended Democrats event in Point Loma

By Vanessa Van Hyfte / Channel 10 News / August 28

SAN DIEGO – A woman who posed for a picture with a smiling, beer-holding Bob Filner just 48 hours after his resignation speech spoke to 10News about what led to the photo opportunity.

Staunch Democrat Judi Curry told 10News Filner was not in a celebratory mood and far from the outgoing, gregarious man she has supported for years.

Curry has an older photo of her standing with Filner posted next to her front door.

“They say, ‘Isn’t that Filner? Aren’t you going to take that down?’ I say eventually,” said Curry, a retired business owner and former San Diego school administrator.

Curry said the newest photo of her and the mayor was taken at a potluck dinner for the Point Loma Democrats, and she told 10News the Filner in the picture wasn’t the same one she supported.

“I felt that he was … I don’t want to say depressed, but there was no effervescence; it was a sad and bittersweet thing,” said Curry.

Filner was invited to attend the dinner long before the scandal. He was initially invited to speak, but he did not and he left the event in 45 minutes.

“When there is a celebrity, everyone comes over and says hello and that didn’t happen,” Curry said.

Curry posted the photo in the OB Rag, where she writes as a blogger.

“A lot of people just stayed away. The fact that he had a beer in his hand [when the picture was taken] was incidental. It was something to do with his hand,” she said.

Curry noted that Filner was a complete gentleman.

“As my daughter said to me, ‘Gee, mom, did he give you a squeeze?’ No, he didn’t give me a squeeze either,'” Curry said with a laugh.

Curry told 10News there were many prominent Democrats at the function, but not many reached out to Filner.

She said as far as she could see, Filner had one cup of craft beer and left the party before the speakers took the podium.

Curry said she is disappointed in Filner but has always admired his policies and visions.

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michael-leonard August 28, 2013 at 11:41 am

Another scoop from that bastion of reportage. Was it this way when Marti Emerald was there?


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