Family of Un-armed Marine Killed by Orange County Sheriff Settles for $4.4 Million

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Manny Loggns sgt

Sgt Manual Loggins, Jr.

Do you recall the case of the unarmed Marine killed by an Orange County sheriff right in front of his two daughters? We do as we ran articles on the incident.

Marine Sgt Manuel Loggins Jr was shot to death as he sat in his SUV along with his daughters by Deputy Darren Sandberg back on February 7, 2012.

His family just settled a federal lawsuit against Orange County for $4.4 million.  Loggins had been stationed at Camp Pendleton.

The 31 year old African-American Marine was killed in the parking lot of San Clemente High School, when the deputy fired through the window of the SUV just before dawn that day.  Loggins’ daughters, then 9 and 14, were in the vehicle.  Loggins – a devotedly religious man – had gone out on the athletic field of the school and had returned to his vehicle and waiting daughters with a Bible in his hand.

manny loggins dep Sandberg

OC Deputy Sandberg

Meanwhile, Deputy Sandberg – who is white – had driven into the parking lot and when Loggins returned, Sandberg ordered him to stop and show his hands. Loggins did not comply and instead got in the vehicle, and stated: “Give me my kids back.”  Sandberg then shot him three times. The deputy later said he had not been trained on the Taser and that Loggins was too big for him to use his baton.

In a further insult to the family, the daughters were held by police for 13 hours without their mother or other family members immediately following the shooting. Unimaginable, unconscionable.

The lawsuit accused Sandberg of using excessive force.  Sometimes, there is justice in this world. The settlement money was paid to Loggins’ family on Wednesday, May 29th.

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mjt May 30, 2013 at 12:13 pm

what happened to sandberg?


unWASHEdwalmartthong June 1, 2013 at 8:18 pm

He was promoted to the racial relations department where he will train rookies on the proper use of officer judgement when accosting a member of “another race.”

4.4 mil to replace a father? I certainly hope that I will be worth more than that when I get shot & killed by an officer.

Were my children to place the 4.4 mil in one hand, & their living father in the other, well, the living father far outweighs the cash in hand.


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