OB Rag Poll: Two out of three want some form of gun control

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gun control assweaponsTwo out of every three respondents to last weeks OB Rag poll on gun control want some kind of increased gun control on weapons in America. Two-thirds of the total of 84 people who responded to the week long poll either support President Obama’s proposals, think they don’t go far enough, want to abolish the 2nd Amendment, or ban all guns even from police.

One-third of respondents chose options indicating the opposite beliefs about gun control.  They either fear the government is coming for our guns or that the Second Amendment is sacrosanct – even more important than the First Amendment.

Among those who responded, 65% chose options indicating some level of increased gun control, including 29% who “fully support President Obama’s proposals of ban on assault weapons, certain ammo clips, and background checks”. It includes 26% who want to restrict guns and ammo “even more than Obama’s proposals”, it includes 8% who – citing England – want to “take away all guns from everyone, even police”, and finally, it includes the 2% who want “to get rid of the Second Amendment”.

A full fourth of the respondents – 24% – warn us to “watch out!” and chose the option given that “the government will soon be coming for our guns.”  No other political preference was asked or cited, but this response shows that not all readers of the OB Rag are flaming liberals or progressives, as it reflects a belief usually associated these days with extremists on the political far right.

Another 8% chose the option that stated that “the Second Amendment is more important than the First Amendment,” the First Amendment being, of course, the amendment that the OB Rag operates under – freedom of the press and freedom of speech.  Combined – we have one-third of respondents who are opposed to gun controls.

2% indicated they didn’t know what to do.

Here is the poll, with options followed by the total votes and percentage.

OB RAG POLL: What do you think about gun control?

  • I fully support President Obama’s proposals of ban on assault weapons, certain ammo clips, and background checks.

24 — 29%

  • In this violent gun-culture society, we need to seriously restrict access to any guns and ammo, even more than Obama’s proposals. The NRA has way too much power and influence.

22 — 26%

  • We need to get rid of the Second Amendment.

2 — 2%

  • The Second Amendment is more important than the First Amendment.

7 — 8%

  • Watch out! The government will be soon coming for our guns.

20 — 24%

  • Take away all guns from everyone, even police – England does it.

7 — 8%

  • Don’t know what to do.

2 — 2%

 Total Votes: 84   The poll ran from February 4 through February 11, 2013

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Bearded OBcean February 12, 2013 at 3:04 pm

Not to take sides on this either way, but what’s the difference between a seemingly harmless, say, .9 mm and an assault weapon? Isn’t assault weapon a pretty disingenuous misnomer? Aren’t both quite capable of assaulting someone in the same manner, that manner being grievously?


Sean m February 14, 2013 at 10:07 am

Gun control legislation was first passed in 1934. The headline is misleadingly suggests that 2/3 support the status quo.


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