Airborn Van Crashes Into OB Skateboard Park – Driver DUI and Dog Safe

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in Ocean Beach

OB dog crashskatepark

Dog found in wreckage at Skate Board Park. The dog is reported to be in good condition. Screen capture from Ch 8 News.

Early this morning (Tuesday Jan 15) a minivan traveling freeway speeds going west on I-8 hit the end of the freeway, went airborne and over the fences and landed into OB’s skateboard park in Robb Field.

The driver was taken away by medics and hospitalized and is expected to be charged for a DUI.  And a dog found in the wreckage was led out and handed over to Animal Control officers. It appeared to be okay, covered in oil and cold, but latest reports from the animal shelter state that it is cleaned up and in good condition. was going to be cleaned up at the animal shelter.

The accident occurred around 3:30 a.m.  The crash in a concrete pit of the park made the van inaccessible by towtrucks, and the van was stuck for hours. A crane may have to be utilized to retrieve the wreckage.  Apparently failing to stop at the end of the freeway, the van was lifted up by the jersey rails – constructed to stop vehicles – and at that speed was launched over the fences and into the pit.

Taken to a hospital with reported minor injuries, the driver – if convicted of a DUI – is probably facing some expenses in any repairs to the park, rails, and or fences. One news report suggested he may also face animal cruelty charges.

The dog at first was aggressive towards officers as it laid in the oil and wreckage. But animal control officers were brought in and successfully and carefully led the dog out. It seemed to be okay but was wet and shivering in the cold.

Soucrces: CBS 8 and Ch 10News

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Jon January 15, 2013 at 2:19 pm

Sdpd western division had a great photo of the van on their Facebook page with oil leaking all over the basin it landed in. The following comment was posted by whoever monitors the Sdpd western division page:

“The fuilds are the ground are from the vehicle and it will be Park & Rec who will determine when the park can re-open if repairs are needed. The dog was not injuried and the driver was not DUI, he feel asleep. Thank you for all of the comments, but please remember to keep your comments clean since students do follow our page for school projects.”

My favorite comment from my buddy brandy:

“everyone knows you have to use the roll-in with a dang mini-van! kook.”


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