DeMaio’s “Conservative” Billion Dollar Tax Increase

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From Dirty DeMaio / May 22, 2012

Still trying to answer questions about the rank hypocrisy of pushing the private imposition of a billion dollar tax while railing against taxes and closed-door deals, Carl DeMaio is doubling down on the outright absurd rhetoric as we come down to the wire.

Speaking on KOGO this week, DeMaio said that allowing private companies to tax the public without the public getting any say “is a very conservative, business oriented, free market principle. Some would say libertarian.”

That’s an interesting definition of libertarian that Carl has, giving corporations unilateral power to pick the public’s pocket. He goes on to explain that the reason he supports it, the reason it’s such a conservative idea, is because the setup gives private corporations the power to decide who pays instead of the public or their government deciding.

DeMaio wasn’t done digging his hole though. A few seconds later, he continued by bragging that “I think actually I’m leading the way, absolutely” on ramming the billion dollar tax through while cashing checks from the beneficiaries.

Now, we’ve been through this a few times by now. DeMaio is pretty much the only one still keeping up the pathetic charade that somehow this isn’t a tax. Consensus is overwhelming, and DeMaio himself voted for the validation lawsuit to determine whether the tax is legal.

He’s also about the only one still trying to claim the public isn’t paying— even the hotels concede as much. Combine that billion dollars from the public with the uncapped commitment from the city’s general fund, and the public is on the hook for an unlimited tab that’s already larger than the full projected cost of the Convention Center expansion. Oh yeah, DeMaio is also falsely claiming that the general fund commitment is capped.

That adds up to DeMaio knowingly misrepresenting pretty much every element of the expansion project. There’s a term for someone that lies about everything, even in the face of evidence exposing their dishonesty. Hopefully it won’t be ‘mayor’ any time soon.


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dorndiego May 29, 2012 at 1:46 pm

Self-defined as conservatives, strange geeks like De Maio really don’t want to do away with government, they just want to privatize it. Ever since the American and French and Russian Revolutions that position has been defined either as Monarchy or Imperialism. If it conserves anything, it’s the rights of certain people to take away all the booty and leave the rest of us with dirt.


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