The U-T Finds Politicos in South Bay Who Question DA’s Election-Year Prosecutions

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Editor:  Finally some pushback against DA Bonnie Dumanis’ persecution of the Democrats in the South Bay Sweetwater school district. U-T reporters Fry and Moran have spoken with people in the South Bay who are upset with what they see as  Dumanis’ apparent election-year grandstanding and over-arching hypocrisy.  Even the U-T poll showed this doubt with its readers. The U-T asked: Are Bonnie Dumanis’ prosecutorial decisions for elected officials affected by politics? “Yes” was the response of 86% with 334 votes, whereas “No” was received by 13% with 54 votes, for total of 388 votes (as of 9 am today).

by Wendy Fry and Greg Moran / U-T San Diego / Jan. 21, 2012

The elected official accepted hundreds of dollars of theater and opera tickets, all the while steering millions of taxpayer dollars to the people paying the bills.

A South Bay official charged with corruption? No.

Supervisor Pam Slater-Price accepted the tickets, while dispensing grants to the opera and the Old Globe Theatre. After The Watchdog revealed she failed to report the gifts on state forms, she was given a $2,000 administrative fine in 2010.

Slater-Price’s act — failing to report gifts on state-mandated forms — is what has four current and former officials of the Sweetwater schools in trouble with the District Attorney’s Office.

They are accused of taking meals (and theater tickets) from a contractor and then steering public money toward his contract. They have pleaded not guilty to perjury and filing false statements, 24 felonies total related to the failure to disclose the gifts.

Defense attorney Marc Carlos, who represents accused Sweetwater board member Pearl Quiñones, is skeptical of the differing treatment.

“It seems some people are allowed to amend their forms and don’t get any prosecution,” Carlos said. “The timing is curious considering the upcoming elections, is all I’ll say.”

Dumanis is a Republican running for mayor of San Diego, endorsed by Slater-Price, another Republican. Former Chula Vista Councilman Mitch Thompson said the political question is legitimate.

What about Pam Slater-Price and the gifts she received?” Thompson said. “Did they get examined or did they get a pass? I would say Bonnie needs to answer the question to the public, what is the difference between people in the South Bay and what Pam Slater-Price did?”

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doug porter January 24, 2012 at 9:28 am

no doubt there will be somebody here shortly demanding that we remove this post. seems to happen with things we post about Dumanis.


Mrs. Kramer January 29, 2012 at 6:43 pm

Dumanis is sitting on the biggest fraud case in the San Diego courts causing a bigger fraud in all California courts. Its about who controls the money for the Judicial Branch, the trial courts or the elite inner circle. Ole Bonnie only goes after criminals when it is to her political advantage. As a result, I am going to jail on February 10th for refusing silence of what the inner circle is willing to do, to keep things on the QT and keep control of the money.

“Fax to Assemblyman MIKE FEUER ~ Please Vote ‘YES’ on AB1208?

Please help keep me from being indefinitely incarcerated for civil contempt of court. AB1208 comes up for vote tomorrow, January 30, 2012 It is URGENT that the control of justice in California by those having complete control of the judicial branch money be taken away from this little band of self appointed monarchs, who “Speak With One Voice“. PLEASE contact your assemblyman and tell them,

“I urge your support AB1208 to stop Sharon Kramer from being incarcerated indefinitely for exposing court leadership corruption that has aided thousands to suffer needlessly from exposure in water damaged buildings. Please remove control of California’s judicial branch finances from those elite few who have proven themselves not trustworthy”.

Their faxes, phone numbers and emails may be found at:

If one does not know who their assemblyman is, that may be found at:

We sent a fax to the main assemblyman who is leading the charge that the inner circle should keep control of the money, Mike Feuer. It is a letter that Sharon sent to him in September of 2011 while seeking his and the judicial leaders’ help and while evidencing the inner circle corruption for which Sharon is now going to spend time in jail.

Thank you all so much for your help.


More Corruption Charges in South Bay December 6, 2012 at 11:20 pm

In April 2010, BCA was awarded the $5.3 million corner lot project for Southwestern. The college has recently cancelled the contract with BCA and is revisiting the corner lot design concept.
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