Join the “Occupy Our Homes” Protest in San Diego – Tuesday, December 6th

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Help defend families facing foreclosure and support filling empty, bank-owned homes with those in need.

By Dave Lagstein, ACCE

Last week thousands made a pledge to defend our homes and communities from the big Wall Street banks that have been on a three-year-long foreclosure binge, kicking struggling families out of homes all across the country.

The 99% is saying “No” and fighting back against the big banks in a big way. Community members nationwide are rallying to stop foreclosures, keep families in their homes, and fill vacant homes with displaced residents.

And not only is it working, more and more people are taking a stand. Just last week police and movers refused to carry out a bank-ordered eviction of a 103 year-old woman from her home in Atlanta.

Tomorrow marks the launch of a national campaign to defend families threatened by foreclosure and to support filling empty bank-owned homes with people in need. It all starts tomorrow, December 6, with a nationwide “Occupy Our Homes” day of action.

There’s an Occupy Our Homes protest planned in San Diego on Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2011, at 2 PM. Freedom Plaza (Civic Center Plaza), 1200 Third Ave.

In this holiday season, thousands of families are without a home even with so many empty foreclosed houses nationwide. The foreclosure crisis has gone on far too long and the 99% are paying the price while the 1% still haven’t been held accountable for repairing the damage they’ve done to our communities.

Let’s help bring the energy of the 99% movement to events all over the country at banks, courthouses, and homes under threat of foreclosure. Together we can not only support families in our own communities, we can show Wall Street and the world, that our movement is only getting stronger.

RSVP to be there as a homeowner underwater or facing foreclosure.
RSVP to be there and support these homeowners.

Thank you for being a part of, and believing in, this movement!


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Patty Jones December 6, 2011 at 4:59 pm

I rode the trolley down to this rally today, which had a good turnout (a few media folks) and included a impromptu march on BofA where protesters entered the ATM area with two bullhorns leading the chants. I think the bank manager was calling the cops, but it was the first march I’ve been on with Occupiers when there weren’t any police present for the duration.

On the trolley ride home an older woman sat across from me. We kept to ourselves the whole trip but as we got up to get off the trolley she looked at my sweatshirt (We Are The 99%, thanks Barbara!) and asked if I was part of Occupy. Although I can’t be down there as much as I’d like, I said, “Yes!” She said, “Thank you!” It made me smile.

Thank you to all the people who Occupy San Diego everyday!


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