San Diego “Uncut” Targets Bank of America

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A feisty group of “uncutters” raised a ruckus on the sidewalk in front of the Bank of America at 8th & University in San Diego on Saturday April 23rd.

Fifteen people picketed, chanted and distributed informational leaflets during busy noon-time Saturday traffic on the main street of San Diego’s Hillcrest neighborhood. Chants included “Move your money, don’t delay, take it out of B of A!” and “B of A keeps you poor, moves their money all off-shore.” Members wore “Uncle Sam” hats and kept the beat with tambourine and woodblock.

Signs included the iconic US Uncut logo and stated “Greed is a Weapon of Mass Destruction”, “Real Patriots Pay Their Taxes, “B of A Cheats America”, “Human Need not Corporate Greed” and “No Corporation Left Behind.” Drivers honked their horns, waving and cheering in support.

All this to raise awareness of Bank of America’s shameful record of tax avoidance. At US Uncut our message is clear: there should be no more cuts to essential services and social programs until corporations like Bank of America pay their fair share. We won’t accept the government’s attempts to shift the burden of the budget deficit onto the backs of hard-working citizens while corporate America walks away scot free.

One local member entered the bank and finalized closing her account, emerging to congratulatory cheers. Numerous passers-by talked to leaflet distributors, asking questions about our protest and how to move their money.

Who knew that shaming corporate America and educating the public about such a serious issue could be so much fun?! If you want to join in on US Uncut San Diego’s next action, become a member! You don’t have to be a member to stand with us, but if you would like to be, find us on Facebook at US Uncut | San Diego. If you don’t use Facebook, you can contact us with the form on this site’s ”suggest an action” tab.

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More on US Uncut – San Diego

There is something upon which we all can agree, no matter what our politics: Corporate America is getting away with not paying taxes and the American people are paying the price.

We are told the only way to reduce the deficit and get our federal budget under control is to cut public services and valuable social programs. This is not the case – there are alternatives! Closing loopholes and demanding that corporations pay their share of taxes would result in our government collecting $150 BILLION in just One YEAR. But instead these measures are ignored and the government chooses to add an extra financial burden to people like us – people who are working for a living and paying our taxes. Washington’s proposed budget for the coming year sends a clear message: The wrath of budget cuts will fall upon the shoulders of hard-working Americans. Here at US Uncut San Diego we think that’s unacceptable. If you agree, GET INVOLVED.

Start by joining our group on Facebook (US Uncut | San Diego. Then bookmark our website and check our “Get Involved” page frequently to see how you can participate, stand up for yourself and those you care about, and make a difference in your community. US Uncut San Diego will help you get informed, get fired up and get involved!

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Prattle On, Boyo April 26, 2011 at 9:44 am

Great work except that I don’t believe “shame” is something corporate persons feel…just ::GREED::


Terrie Leigh Relf April 26, 2011 at 3:35 pm

I closed my account at B of A years ago. . .then my daughter’s school savings account, too. In addition to how they don’t treat their customers very nice, it had to do with something else that was afoot back then. . .What, I don’t remember. It was about 6 or 7 years ago.

I didn’t know B of A kept their money off-shore. Live and learn, I say!


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