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Occasionally, our in-house photographer is set loose from his keyboard duties, and is able to scour Ocean Beach for interesting sights and views to capture.

Entryway and Archeological Dig

There is certainly something going on at the corner of Sunset Cliffs and West Point Loma.  Actually, there are two things happening. First, the development of the Entryway Project.

Second, there is the archeological dig going on.
This is being accomplished by the Laguna
Mountain Environmental company, consultants,
who are routinely doing their dig.

They are testing representative samples from the construction site for native American artifacts.  Apparently, some kind of artifact was found earlier at this corner, and the site has been determined to be one of some kind of significance. They couldn’t tell me much and referred me to the OB CDC.

Surfing the Pipeline Yet?

Speaking about construction, the construction of the pipe line going through OB is always a photographic event. Here are the crews at the intersection of Cable and Santa Monica on Friday, March 11th.

And there’s the sign warning us that the construction project is not on time. It’s so far behind schedule, that the City has had to change the date on the “closed” sign – but as you can see, the “correction” is pealing off.

Tsunami Assistance: In case you weren't sure where to go this morning during the Tsunami Advisory, here's info provided by your City.

Peace at the Beach

It’s always nice to see peace signs painted by locals stuck out there for all to see.  This one is at the entrance to North Beach on West Pt. Loma.

Stupid Green Graffiti Vandal Strikes

On the other side of things, it’s always screwed up to see someone messing with someone else’s property. Here a stupid graffiti vandal has taken advantage of the outside of Dr. Jeoff Gordon’s office at the corner of Cable and Santa Monica.

This Is How Gentrification Works

This is how gentrification works. One property on a block is allowed to expand upward and outward, and now others want to follow.  Here is the Cox duplex at 5164 West Pt. Loma under appeal for being
denied its massive expansion. They want to be like the 3-story Stebbins residence next door.

Woodman’s Advice

Finally, we have the Woodman on Ebers giving us very good advice. He’s always a pleasure to capture. Until next time, gang, when they let me out of the office again …. And in the meantime, if you have any photos of OB of your own you’d like us to showcase, send ’em on in via our email : .

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Chris Kern March 13, 2011 at 2:08 pm


The “dig” at the entryway is exactly that. The whole ridge following W PT Loma connecting to Robb Field use to be a site that was used to gather fish, shellfish, etc. The archeological significance is not significant but it does provide insight on early settlers to the region. It basically was a trash dump “mitince (sp?) site”. There are a lot of left over shells, campsites, etc. This was the reason it took so long to get to construction on this site. We needed to be sensitive to the environmental impact of our project. Contruction was designed around this and inbedded in the project is allowing research of the site as we move forward. I hope this provides some insight. It’s another example of Obecians doing the right thing for the environment.

Chris Kern
Past President-OBCDC


Frank Gormlie March 13, 2011 at 2:13 pm

Chris, thanks for the clarification.


thinking out loud March 13, 2011 at 7:08 pm

What kind of ” artifact” was found at the corner ?
And how much has this ” dig” added to the project ?? Any idea ?


OB DUDE March 13, 2011 at 7:19 pm

As always thank you for local news an updates! A few comments:

– I hope they find good stuff at the entryway and give it to the OB Historical Society. Let’s hope the Entryway and Archeological Dig don’t take as long as the water and sewer projects which are a disaster! Does anyone what the hell is the problem and why the projects just can get finished, is it the city or the contractor? They stop, they start, they keep their equipment etc. laying all over our streets. It dusty, dirty, noisy and a PIA.
-Vandals are tagging all over OB. Many of the underground electrical boxes along with roadway are tagged.
– West Point Loma area has been gentrified for years…all those huts look alike and the owers have done little to improve the properties inside or out. I need someone who lived in one. The rent was a rip off. They had termites, mold, and the plumbing was forever in need of repair.

I guess there is a new gentrification in the works in this area. Can’t say I am crazy about the massiveness but looking forward to interesting architechiture. I am open to’s not always bad. Just curious, whatever happened to the underground parking that was suppose to happen at 5166?

– Don’t forget to change your clocks….Lighter later! Right on!


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