Three-fourths in Reader Poll want to either prosecute BP for crimes or nationalize it.

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For about one week, we asked our readers what they thought the Federal government should do about BP – British Petroleum – the oil company responsible for the worst American environmental disaster in history.

With our readers’ progressive bent, we were not surprised with the results.  Three-quarters of our respondents either want the Feds to begin criminal prosecution of BP – 61%, or nationalize it (or at least their American holdings) – 15%.  Another 5% asked what would we take BP over with? (This was a reader answer and I’m not certain what they meant.)

On the other side, 9% wanted the Feds to allow BP to “finish the job.”  Another 9% agreed with GOP candidate for gov in Kentucky (a Tea Party favorite), Rand Paul who made a public statement criticizing President Barack Obama for taking BP to task, and that it was “un-American” to criticize BP.

There were 85 respondents, and as usual, we have no idea where the respondents live.  Although an earlier poll this year found that half of our readers live in OB or San Diego, and another 25% live in SD County. The poll ran for most of 8 days, from June 9th to noon on June 17th, 2010.

Here is the poll in its entirety:


    What should the Federal government do now about BP (British Petroleum)?

* Let them – BP – finish the job.

8—9% of all votes

* Take it over – nationalize it, or at least their American holdings.

13—15% of all votes

* It’s time for criminal prosecution.

52—61% of all votes

* I agree with Rand Paul, it’s really un-American to criticize and bad-mouth BP right now.

8—9% of all votes

* TAke them over with what? 1

4—5% of all votes

  • Total Votes: 85Started: June 9, 2010 ( 1 = Added by a guest)

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Marilyn Steber June 17, 2010 at 4:12 pm

Well, I see I can’t stand with the majority since I think it is time to nationalize BP. I think that is done by seizing the assets of BP in the US. It has been done before…no need to send in the army.
Moving on, I got a survey from the DNC today asking my opinion on how I would rate the President on seven issues.
I’m afraid I can’t be kind.


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