Cong. Susan Davis target of anti-Afghan war protesters

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CITY HEIGHTS, San Diego.  In protest of President Obama’s Afghanistan war escalation, a small crowd gathered at the corner of Fairmont and University Avenue to wave signs, chant, and signify their opposition by their presence.  Congresswoman Susan Davis, who has offices nearby, was the target of the protest for her pro-war stance.

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The protest had been called by San Diego’s Peace and Justice Coalition as “The Day After” demonstration to Obama’s West Point speech where he declared he’s sending 30,000 more US troops to Afghanistan.

The gathering had begun around 5pm and 45 minutes later, the crowd had swelled to 70 people. A large banner hung from a fence across the street.  It read, “Susan Davis is a war monger.”

Anti-Afghan demo 12-02 010-sm-ed-mong

I asked Tanja Winter, who’s been to more anti-war demos in this town probably than anyone else, why Susan Davis was a war monger.   Without hesitation, she fired back: “She has consistently voted for war.  She has never voted against any war appropriations.”

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Ten minutes later, Mike Copass told me that the California Democratic Party voted on November 15th which met here in San Diego to oppose any US military escalation in Afghanistan.  “So Susan Davis has to go against California Democrats,” Copass said.

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Danny Morales December 3, 2009 at 8:20 am

“Will no one rid me of this troublsome Priest?”- Susan Davis will win reelection next year because nobody else has the resources of the permanent government (i.e. military contractors) to oppose her. Is there a person out there who has taken up the issue of a “War Tax”? I’d like to see Rep. Davis (D-Weasel) hold a town hall meeting on that one!- Ben Dover (30)


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