Afghanistan: 2/3rds of OBceans want a non-military solution

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OCEAN BEACH, CA.  Over two-thirds of OB residents want a non-military solution to US involvement in Afghanistan.

We took a poll beginning October 2nd and ran it for a week asking readers what they thought President Obama should do about the war in Afghanistan.  69% of the respondents called for a non-military solution.

This included 25% who thought the US should give only social and economic aid – “assistance in education, agriculture and international commerce.”

And it included the strong anti-war voice of 33% that agreed that “Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires,” and that we should pull out all our troops.

Plus that 2/3rds included the more strident position that voted the US should end up in the graveyard of empires – this was 11%.

On the opposite end of the argument, 23% agreed that the US should continue the war in Afghanistan.  Of the total, 11% voted to give the Pentagon all the weapons and troops it wanted.

Another 11% said that we should keep the troop level at the status quo, but to bring in advisers to train the Afghan police and military.

Finally 1% said we should have direct talks with the Taliban in order to isolate Al-Queda.  This is actually another good idea, but it was added by a reader. We should have thought about adding it at the beginning of the poll. (Also, the thing about answers added by readers is that earlier respondents didn’t get a chance to vote on them – so there is an intrinsic weakness in them.)

Not to be overlooked, a full 8% decided to use their vote as a protest of the recent fatal shooting of a dog by police officers near Farmers’ Market on October 7th, by agreeing with the jokster who wrote in this response:

Send in the SDPD and tell them that there are Charger players, homeless people, and pit bulls. They will shoot anything that moves and the war will be over.

Also, just to show you how polls can be skewed depending how you roll the numbers, we could assert that “Half of OBceans want to continue US involvement in Afghanistan.” A full 48% of our respondents agree to stay and fight or give some kind on non-military assistance.

Not to shock you, but we cannot determine who voted or where they live.  We just know alot of OBceans come to our site. Therefore, dear friends, it could be even misleading to declare that “2/3rds of OBceans” want anything as we can’t say for certain. Okay, that’s a disclaimer. Anyhoooo….

Here’s our query and the responses in order presented:

How should President Obama handle the war in Afghanistan?

1)  Give the Pentagon all the troops and weapons it wants.

9—11% of all votes

2)  Afghanistan is the graveyard of empires. Pull out all our troops and let the Afghans work it out themselves.

26—33% of all votes

3)   Keep the troop numbers where the are and add advisors to facilitate training of Afghan troops and police.

9—11% of all votes

4)   Only social and economic aid from us is warranted – they need assistance in education, agriculture and international commerce.

20—25% of all votes

5)   A graveyard of empires is as good a place for the U.S. to end up.1

9—11% of all votes

6)   Have direct talks with the Taliban. Isolate Al Quaeda.1

1—1% of all votes

7)   Send in the SDPD and tell them that there are Charger players, homeless people, and pit bulls. They will shoot anything that moves and the war will be over.1

6—8% of all votes

Total Votes: 80 The poll began October 2, 2009 and ran to October 10, 2009. ( 1 = Added by a guest)

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Dave Sparling October 15, 2009 at 10:38 am

All I want is for someone to give me a legit reason why we are over there in the first place. Please don’t say it is because a bunch of guys from Saudi Arabia flew airplanes into buildings on 9/11/01. If anyone can convince me that we did NOT go to Afghanistan to boost the heroin business and make better working conditions for the completion of the oil pipeline, GO FOR IT.


Shawn Conrad October 15, 2009 at 10:53 am


I have to agree with you. I have a medieval mindset when it comes to military power so I believe that if we are not using our military to conquer new lands, we should be backing off the sheer size of the monstrosity, and boosting national defense.

This whole being the World Police is stretching us thin and not winning us any new friends.


OD June 4, 2011 at 7:53 am

Pull our troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq,quit being the worlds largest food donor,rebuild our infrastructure and beef up our borders,and sincerely work towards riding oil imports,rasie tariffs to make an even playing field.Should about do it. OH and OD for president 2050.


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