Dog Park at Dusty Rhodes to Expand

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in Ocean Beach

by Barbara Latham/ San Diego Dog Scene Examiner / August 6, 2009

Construction for Dusty Rhodes Dog Park enlargement is scheduled to begin the end of August. The curb will be cut in the Sunset Cliffs Parking Lot to provide handicap accessibility. Chain link fencing will run from the equipment gate to the public restrooms, enlarging the leash-free area by about 30 percent.

This will provide an opportunity to allow a third of the park to be closed for six week periods to promote the growth of turf. The additional space gained through the expansion will further allow a special, fenced-off small dog and puppy area reserved for more sedate and refined canines.

Rowdy dogs will have the same amount of sun and shade to romp in.

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Dave Gilbert August 10, 2009 at 7:52 pm

Very cool news about the expansion, but I think the world needs even more parks set aside for man’s best friend! ;)


San Diego Highwayman August 13, 2009 at 6:10 am

the Dusty kin git that way sometimes —

all in all though it’s a great park and located jist at the sunset end of the I-8 freeway —

a turnaround point for me as I do search loops lookin fer stranded motorists and accident victims in need of assistance

Shotgun Shela, my search hound, loves the place!

“She” sits up and starts sniffin the air as we git near the I8 & I5 confluance. then, as we git closer she starts “singin” ;) sometimes we’ll make it a duet [ German film crew caught us on camera doin jist this last year as they were filmin us fer German TV [ they had 2 cameras affixed in my SAR rig to record my doins out “playin on the freeway” — helpin folks ]

they also filmed AT the park while “She” cavorted w other dogs and I mentioned that I use a dog park comparison to tell folks to GIT OFFA MY TAIL when I’m drivin — I say , on the PA, “the freeway’s NOT a dogpark! — ya git any closer to my tail yer gonna git brown on yer nose!” — got a PA w front & rear speakers — comes in handy ;)

usually people smile and begin leavin more space —


near the west entrance there’s a tree that doubles as a lounge chair — fits me perfect — I kin sit up jist high enuf so’s only a REALLY tall dog has any chance of “markin” me ;) or where I’m sittin — always check afore I sit ;)

as fer the landmines — there’s a lot of em — PEOPLE PICK UP AFTER YER DOGS!

fergot to check my shoes once — and was hittin the I-8 EB when I noticed a smell — EEEWWWWW — all over my floor mat & brake pedal — EEEEWWWW!

always check my feet on leavin the gate now ;)

park is fenced, double gated, there are trees, usually lotsa chairs folks bring to leave off, on th west side there’s a concrete picnic table, at the south entrance there is a water fountain fer pups & peeps, & parkin lots @ both entrances

oh, and the smaller fenced area is NOT intended fer smaller dogs — that is jist so when it rains — THAT area floods — and some folks dogs aren’t so well “voice controlled” ;)

*my* girl understands and obeys “stay outta the water” ;)

course now, iffin we’re @ dog beach in Coronado — she understands “HIT the water” jist as well :) “She” LOVES to run and frolic in the surf!

witnessed a couple of fights in 6 years of goin here — one I broke up w my walkin stick — carry a shieghleigh I do ;) it don’t bleed — keeps the rambunctous fur folks offa me as well

funnyist thing I ever saw my “She” do here — “She” is fixed, but has an affinity fer young attractive male pit bulls — [ she’s a Lab – Smooth Collie herself ] She went upta this one goodlookin young pit , sniffed him VERY intimatly, turned, and looked at me and smacked her lips w a smile!!!!!!

there were bout 5 of us standin there chattin when she did it and ALL of us hadta be carefull not to fall on the ground [ landmines] ;) we was laughin SO hard!!

“She” lives here — http://snowchains.trip


Editor August 13, 2009 at 7:31 am

A friend forwarded this:

Sunday evening (7/26) on of our park users, Adam Paulding, was badly injured when his Malemute was attacked by another large dog, probably mixed breed and he attempted to get the dogs apart. He was bleeding badly and had to rush to the hospital and couldn’t stop to get information from the other owner, whom he hasn’t seen since then. If the other dog is not found and proved not to have rabies, Adam will have to have a very painful series of rabies shots. If you witnessed this event and/or know anything about the other owner and how to locate him, please contact Adam at as soon as possible. He has only three days left before the shots must be given.


Editor August 13, 2009 at 7:33 am

This is from Stacey LoMedico, Park and Recreation Director:

Thank you for alerting me to this unfortunate incident!

As you know, the City of San Diego was one of the first agencies in the County to develop and manage “dog off leash” areas. Since that time, more than 10 years ago, we have noticed a large increase in the number of users at all of our parks. Along with that we have seen a number of industry standard best practices being developed by other agencies that the City had not adopted at the time of developing the initial “dog off leash” areas.

Because of the increased usage, and best practices in place staff began benchmarking with other agencies to develop new rules and regulations, including changes to the City’s Municipal Code to address issues such as this one. Staff completed that first review with the City Attorneys Office last month and staff is now ready to invite a member from each recreation council that has jurisdiction of a “dog off leash” area and a member from each of the “dog off leash” friends and/or advisory groups to review the proposals currently drafted and offer insights, comments, etc.. before we finalize through the public process, which will include the City’s Park and Recreation Board, Council Committee (NR&C) as well as the City Council.

We hope to have that meeting this month and we will notify the group to send a representative to the meeting.

Stacey LoMedico
Park and Recreation Director
City of San Diego
(619) 236-6643/FAX (619) 525-8220 MS 37C


San Diego Highwayman April 16, 2010 at 4:55 pm



What a positive difference


waHOO! WOOF! YELP! BARK! no whinin ;) :)

[ guess which one is me talkin & which one is Shela — ]


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