Same-sex marriage activists threaten non-violent action at County Clerk’s Office day-after adverse Supreme Court ruling

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Just nearly one year ago, gay and lesbian activists celebrated the California Supreme Court's favorable ruling on same-sex unions.

SAN DIEGO, CA.  Gay rights advocates and same-sex marriage activists are threatening some sort of non-violent militant action at the San Diego County Clerk’s Office on Wednesday, May 27th, if there is an adverse ruling from the California Supreme Court on same-sex marriage. The Court is expected to rule on the constitutionality of Prop 8 – which prohibited same-sex marriages- on Tuesday, the 26th.

The activists warn that they will not leave until their request for a marriage license is granted.  This implies some sort of a sit-in or take-over of the San Diego County Administration Building Clerk’s Office.

San DiegoCounty Clerk's Office

The San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality has issued a statement that warns that they will enter the County Building on Wednesday, May 27th, to demand that the Clerk issue “our comrades Michael and Brian” a marriage license.  The Alliance is “determined not to leave until our request is granted,” or until “we are removed.”

Addressed to “Friends of Peace and Justice” and written by Gabriel Conaway, the statement pledges non-violence and that the activists “will peaceably comply with the authorities.” We received it via email.  Here is the first part of the statement:

As you already know, the California Supreme Court will issue its decision on Prop 8 on Tuesday. On Wednesday, if the court rules against marriage equality, we will enter the County Administration Building (1600 Pacific Hwy) at noon to demand that the County Clerk issue our comrades Michael and Brian a Marriage License. We will be determined not to leave until our request is granted, or we are removed. We are well prepared, committed to non-violence, and will peaceably comply with the authorities.

The County Clerk’s office is inside the large County Administration Building, located at 1600 Pacific Highway. A rally will be held outside the CAB in support of those inside.

Here is the remainder of the Alliance’s statement:

Come join us either by going inside or supporting us outside and please fwd this message to all you know who are in solidarity with the struggle for equal rights.

Our message is that this Community, this Movement is not going away. In fact, we are growing stronger, we are more broadly embraced and gaining equality; most recently in Iowa, Vermont, and Maine. We will not wait for state policy to catch up with the ideals that this county was founded on, namely the equal rights of all people. We demand that officials from the County Clerk to the President of the United States immediately remedy this situation by lifting any and all restrictions on Same-sex Marriage.

Marriage rights are fundamental human rights that have been withheld from our Community for too long! They guarantee hundreds of essential (sometimes life-or-death) privileges to committed couples. Perhaps most importantly, recognition of same-sex marriage by official institutions and the society as a whole means the recognition and legitimacy of our loving committed relationships.

This possible temporary setback will not weaken our resolve to gain Marriage Equality. On the contrary, we will turn the anger resulting from an injust decision-just like in the aftermath of the passage of Prop 8-into action. The movement can and must escalate in terms of its size, its organization, and in its application of tactics.

It is our hope in this time of War, Foreclosure, Deportation and Layoffs, that our movement is an inspiration to all of those struggling for justice!

Yours in the Homosexual Intifada,

Gabriel Conaway, San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality

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jon May 26, 2009 at 9:33 am

Better get your protesting shoes on….


Frank Gormlie May 27, 2009 at 8:52 am

This planned sit-in is still happening – at noon today.


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